Adieus amigo

Aloaye Trevor Adams,

I remember the first time we met, on finchley road. You were just going to be another guy, a friend of a friend who I'll forget the next minute. But it turned out I was wrong. I enjoyed Your jokes, your 'swag', and your friendly banter with your buddy buddy. I thought you had a baby face....made more obvious by your smile.
I knew I liked you. You didn't try to hard to be friends with me, you were just cool and that got me.

Now, you're one of those loveable guys one meets, and find themselves smiling all the time, you always had something fun to say.

Ohhh, you were the man when it came to downloads. Music, movies, series. Name it and you've got it. I got hooked on entourage through your illegal stash.
I remember the last I saw you, we were at Z's housewarming, we didn't really get to talk, just the usual smiles and banters of plesantries...gosh its hard to believe. I can't believe you're gone.

In the early hours of march 6th, an x6 ran into your car. You died on the spot.
What was your last thought? What was the last thing you joked and smiled about? Did you know that was it? Did you?

This life is fleeting, Can't begin to imagine what your fiancee is going through.
Your deaths got me thinking, Life slips faster than we imagine. We've got to be prepared.
I can't believe you'll be buried tomorrow. I just keep seeing your face and your smile in my head.

Rest in the lord man.
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  1. The last thing he did was update his bb status" 'God give me smile, God give me grace' 5 mins before the crash.

    he truly was an awesome guy.

  2. Oh no....
    I hate to see young vibrant people pass away.

  3. did this crash happen on eko bridge, cos my sis and i passed thr about some mins to 12 noon on march 6 saturday and saw a ghastly accident.
    Ma his soul rest in perfect peace.

  4. Na, it was on adeola odeku. 36 inches has pictures of the crash on her blog.

  5. OMG this is sooo sad! It is well

  6. this is is really fleeting!!!!!

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  9. I do not want to believe this...I haven't been in contact w/ my boy in almost a decade (different countries, lost touch etc). Please don't tell me Aloaye Adamu aka Trevor Adams who I went to 6th form with passed, I simply refuse! not my dude...:-(

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