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Moments with Mo..."The village experience". I was quite put off with this. Back from church, munching on takeout chicken and watching the show. It focused on some chic who's never been to a village before and her experience bla bla bla.
I was quite irritated/disgusted/whatever. I think she over did it.don't get me wrong she was a sweet chic and I'm sure a nice one too but I think she overdid the tushness of self. She peeled the cassava like she's never peeled potatoes before, haba, there were scenes of fetching water from a well, weeding a farm, her screeching at the sight of chickens and goats...I'm sure there was more, I didn't stay to finish the show.

I've fetched water from a well as a young girl, sneaking out with the househelp for the fun of it and begging to throw the bucket in. You can't say you've never seen a well if you live in Nigeria and you were born not less than 20years ago(We've got a well here in lekki where water is pumped into the treatment tank and then it flows in the house,if you've never seen one I'll be glad to take you on a tour for a tiny fee. I'm not judging o!

In secondary school I have cut grass with hoes and cutlass which thank goodness I didn't have to do for long cos nature was on my side and proved me to be a bonafide ajebo:) my hand would swell after a few minutes of swinging the hoe or sweeping or scrubbing, thus I was exempted from those task.
I've watched eagerly as goats and chickens were slaughtered for grandma beside her house. Not once feeling guilty about the animals or even thinking for a second that I would never eat the meat after watching the kill, but excited about the wonders grandma would cook up with the meat.

I have been chased by masquerades, the fierce type that goes around with wipes. They scared the daylight out of me as I screamed and cried at the top of my voice, bursting into grandpas compound and dashing straight to his room to hide while he came out to deal with the evil things. But it was fun, I think they were called 'aleku'. And when I gained enough courage, I would stand by the gate of the house peeping outside and screaming 'ALEKU' at them when they passed and slamming the gate shut when they came close. Once I wasn't so lucky, my aunt just gave me a bundle of mint 5naira notes for Christmas, what do you know, I wasn't fast enough and the wretched things snatched it from my hands.

Gosh I miss the freedom of childhood. Now I have to behave tush anywhere I go. Maybe if I was used for Mo's show I might have been convincing enough, you'd never believe that I ever saw a life chicken in my life.
I could pass for a village girl and I'm proud of it. Although as an adult I'd rather remain in the comfort of the rooms reading a book or watching tv in the village than let the curiosity of my childhood sneak me out with some distant relative, just so I could go everywhere and see everything.

To some extent the lady was believable, but I think she over played the tushness of self(or the script if there was one, messed her up).....I mean she said she was scared of snakes and alligators on the farm,snakes I understand but common, alligators? Ahh, from where?.
I rest my case.
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  1. I was reading and shaking my head saying maybe some ajebo kids missed all that true true but alligators? LWKMD She was faking it then. Me I be total ajekpako sha.

  2. LOL. If she was screaming at the sight of chickens and goats, then she was probably faking it...since we all know there are chickens and goats in big cities too.

  3. Meen, this brought back some memories!I never did leave in a village as sort, but we all know there are mini villages all over even the urban cities.Chickens,goats,wells, we've got them all over lagos, so the girl should chill out jo! Even my cousin that visited Nigeria for the first time wasn't screaming and ish at the sight of chickens and lizards.
    I did serve in a remote village in crossriver, and for most parts, my memories of the experience are fun nostalgia. Though, ehmmm, munching TFC in a.c'ed living room whilst watching some good DSTV..i'd pick that any day!

  4. LMAO!!!
    Alligators from where????

    I'm so proud of my village experience ranging from farming to fetching water and firewood.

    It's something nobody can take away from me.

    Maybe her script truly failed her.

  5. chickens? come on, how fake can that be. mscheeew. so im nt supposed to b scared of alligators? neva seen 1 o bt i bet twld scare me.
    can i call u bush girl from now :D

  6. @myne chuck knuckles, but sha sha I'm not totally kpako o, there's a bloodline of jebiness in me:) from her parents stance she was born in ikoyi, but really that doesn't even validate her reactions. If they said newyork I'd understand it all@jaycee, my thoughts exactly, but like I said, I'm not judging o @t-notes, tell me abt it, there's chicken n goats roaming the streets everywhere she shd ve chilled a bit.@sirius ahh, u're a bonafide villagee:) @ Rayo, lol of cos I will dive when I see an alligator, the point is, where did she get d idea of an alligator on a farm? Call b bush girl all u want, men I I'll so deny u with my tush looking outfit and twisted tongue.

  7. loool screaming at chickens hehe. Life in the village isn't too bad. Although true..the grannies and granpas always criticise your methods of farming.. xD

  8. from ur description, me thinks she was faking it jor....

  9. She is a fake

    true ajebos are fascinated by things they have never seen-only a person who has been chased by a chicken runs from it

    yey babe.......

  10. how old is the chic? i actually wont be so surprised if she wasn't faking it.

    i have seen some overly tush naija born and breed teenagers that are like that.

    i don't think its something to be proud of though, it only shows their lack of awareness.

  11. lol. that makes me a very village boy

  12. girl is as fake as Mo Abudu herself. i have seen that episode, and that girl is damn fake, if her ass was born in ikoyi and bred in london or wherever she wouldnt have had that dreadful blonde weave on. im just saying!

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  14. @fumns, we need to hook up soonest o. u never fail to crack me up.
    @stubborn diva..Mo was so excited about it,she probably personally wrote the script:)
    @femme lounge, i've met dozens who haven't experienced half of what i have. but they're so genuine about it. maybe shes genuine too, but she portrayed it the wrong way.
    @anon....why, hello to you too.
    @jinta...share your firewood stories, i'm sure that'd be fun to read. watched it yeah? shes been in london for just 10yrs remember not actually bred in london. i was beginning to feel like i was been overly hard on her, i'm glad someone else noticed it
    @anonymous 4.20...thank you so much, thats encouraging.

  15. lol...all my favorite childhood memories are from being a bush girl in my grand parent's house!! oww how they indulged me!
    all this tush nonsense! we are losing our culture in Nigeria..what a shame!

  16. She is a fake

    true a jebos are fascinated by things they have never seen-only a person who has been chased by a chicken runs from it.Thanks for sharing.
    Abu dhabi tourism


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