Mothers know best.

Granma is a wonderful mother, she cooked the best meals and went the extra mile for her children with the little she had, she made them the strong women that they are today, no wonder we call her Queen(well she really is a princess) Mom took the mantle of motherhood from granma, balancing on her shoulder,and using the wisdom of the old with the elements of the present to become a better mother than her mother was...a woman of substance no doubt, and from her we've learnt, and we balance on her shoulders to stand high taking all she's given us and becoming the best mothers ever. I see my sister and her kids and I know she's securely balanced on moms shoulders and she's spun all she's learnt into something magical, like I will when I eventually have my kids. I'm proud of the mothers in my family.

Mothers are the soothing salves to the sores of lifes daily troubles. who but a mother can understand pain even when they have no idea where It hurts? Who but a mother can stay up all night because they worry about you, and they can't bear to sleep when they could stay awake cooling your fevered heads? Who but a mother would do the stupidest things in the name of love for their children? Who but a mother can hug and melt away our discomfort and fears even for a moment????? Who but a mother knows best.

God bless all the mothers out there. I love you mummy.
Happy mothers day.
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  1. Amen. God bless the mothers.

  2. its not mothers day here in the states but happy mothers day to all Moms around the world

  3. God bless mothers. really looking forward to being one.


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