I believe I can fly...seriously, I really do.

"I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky"
Whenever I sing that song, I really believe that I can fly. I really do, and I mean this literally(abeg no be like say I be winsh o)
And then I'm tempted to try flaping my wings, I mean arms and soaring.
You see I've got what they call the "christian mother" arms. Makes me so insecure sometimes.
Don't get me wrong, I love my body,...a lot, but maybe if I'm given the chance to change something, I will...I'd have the extra fleshy flab cut off so I'll be the girl with the beautifully toned arms. I'm sure the flesh gotten from the flap would make a good double D boobs for someone In need.
So I see no reason why I shouldn't believe I can really fly:) all I've got to do is flip my arms fast enough and there I go flying past your bedroom window, the modern day peter pan:)
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  1. no go fly pass window of person whey hunger dey catch o

  2. I can think of something else that flies, lol. You can do exercises targeted to the arms and that might help.

  3. LOL yes, there are exercises for specific areas of the body, try to find a few that target the part of your arms you want toned, I wish you well :)

  4. They sell these pressure ball that you can use to tone your arms. All the best dear


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