it's not belated, is it?

Nigeria @ fifty, there's a lot of thing's been going on in my head, things bigger than naija @ 50. I've been in and out of one of the most dreaded offices in Ikoyi, making calls as we all try to pull all the strings we've managed to tighten and hiding facts from the ones i love.
All the stress, it's given me migraines, its taken away my appetite, not even the 'gourment' meals of Mr Michael the new and impressive chef can tempt me, not even the offer of a pig out on my favorite breakfast at protea. I didn't attend any shindings, now that would have just driven me crazy.
I just wanted to crawl into bed and wish all the happenings of this weekend away and fast forward to a time where all the wahala would be over, and I'd just look back at the streets in ikoyi i had to frequent and laugh it off. But even the twenty minute rest could do no good. All i can do is pray. and that's the only comfort i get from the pressures, fear and heartaches...Pray.

So you see, I'm a proud citizen of Nigeria. i did a post before midnight:) but unfortunately on this day, she has to wound me in a way that cuts deep, and makes me wonder at her system.Oh well, it's one of those things that happen to other people, but suddenly decides it should give you a taste, cos you've been so indifferent about it. It is well jare.

I heard of the car bomb just about 2 hours ago....(that's how occupied i was.) that's such a sad and sorry thing to happen. Innocent lives cut off, just like that. We're better than all these rubbish, aren't we? abi i'm talking about a different Nigeria?

The kidnapped children have been released... i saw a clip of the little ones and it broke my heart for the first time, not like i didn't care before, i just saw the reality today, those helpless sweethearts in their uniforms. Any of them could be my niece, my cousin or my baby. *sigh*

Happy Birthday my motherland. Don't cry mama, age ain't nothing but a number. And fifty isn't old if you're Nigeria, you're permitted to claim twenty, we'll let you be. Face lift, breast implant, tummy tuck, lipo, botox and a nose job....go get prettied up lady. I love you boo, just give me back my sanity right now, can't do this macho woman stuff no more.



  1. I'll take the worked on 20 year old I don't mind, too; provided she's caring for her citizens.

  2. A not so happy independence, we learn to take the good with the bad, hmmm. All the best with what you're seeking. It is well.

  3. Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe (November 16, 1904 – May 11, 1996),

    Even though Nigeria is a strong indusrial force in the world it really has to look at how far its actuallly come since they won independence from the British in 1960

    They are not really independent when the government can let companies like BP, Shell and others take up their resources and kill their people in massive numbers and not do a thing to sanction those companies

  4. I like the quote at top of your blog. That's "The Secret" / Law of Attraction. But, its written in a different way. There's a powerful, but hidden message in that quote. Self-image, science of mind, etc. I like books by authors that were around in the 17th and 18th century. They knew things which I've been for the past 10 years been trying to 100% understand / have in my hands; energy manipulation: miracles. David Blaine and David Copperfield calls it magic. I'm there. Imma open a church (Imma name it "Naomi Campbell BlackBerry & Handball Throwing International Church of Miracle & Wonders"), a mosque, temple, and a shrine and fleece every fellow Nigerian out of your life savings (you all shall give me your offerings, donations, love offering and 25% tithes or be instantly excommmmmmmmunicated).

    Haha,,,,,I'm jokinggggg :)

    Hey!, .... Read == good book > "The Power" by Rhonda Byrne. Blessings, always.


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