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I'm thinking all is perfect till I go on twitter and see this link from bagucci aka dhjax I'm desperately trying to believe its not what I think.
I've called ozaveshe's number and its gone to voicemail,I'm trying to live in denial, I called fellow blogger and friend lil miss fab..., she just called back to confirm...ozaveshe died today. Its such a hard ball to swallow. Just 28 years old.
He's one of the first friends I made on blogsville, I remember the hilarious comments between he,afrobabe,carlang, atutupoyoyo,unnaked and I.
From virtual banters, we became good friends in the real world.
Soft spoken,mischievous, humorous intelligent ozaveshe.
His is one of my favorite blogs on blogsville, you always leave his page laughing your heart out, wanting to jab him playfully in the ribs.
He encouraged me when it came to writing, tried to get me to sign up for taruwa performance.
When I was mad to breaking point, I sent him a mail and he eased the tension off with his witty statements.
He was concerned about what i wanted to do when i quit my job, and so he kept asking,
He wrote me a wonderful poem.
He joined me in the bookclub for one day.
Last I saw him was on a hot afternoon,I drove past him on bishop Oluwole in V/I, I was too tired to stop and say hi.

Then he went to the Uk for his masters.
And we talked and I promised I'd call the last I heard from him,i never did. Now Its too late.
Just left his facebook page, and his last status update a few months ago 'you say the brains I have are getting to my head'... That's him for you, witty all the way.
Gosh, are tears enough to shed? I feel like a sell out, we were friends and I didn't even know he had cancer, I never called back, and so I never knew the reason he didn't call was cos he was in some hospital been pumped with drugs.
I'm hitting myself, what sort of friend am I?
I didn't reach out, thus I didn't know and so I wasn't one of the friends who encouraged him or prayed for him.

So young with such a bright future, my heart aches.
How does his mom feel if I feel this lousy? His sisters?
What were his last thoughts?
Did he know it was time at that moment?
Heaven only knows.
How many times would I have to mourn the death of a young person?
What's happening?
We all need to tighten our belts, get serious with God and ......
Lord have mercy.
Farewell my good friend, I love you and I'll miss you. drop by his page and see how good he is.
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  1. Oh my! Woow....may his soul rest in peace. Sad, sad day.

  2. I am still in shock...reading his posts and all our comments just made me cry...May his gentle soul rest in peace...

  3. Oh my God, this is so horrible. I feel so sad for him. May his soul rest in peace.

    How awful to die so young. I hope that he did at least enjoy the life he had and I hope that he's at peace and happy now.


  4. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sad.......

    i loved his mind too

    one always left his blog with a smile

    words fail me

  5. Yet, one thing I thank God for is the beautiful memory of him on blogsville. May his soul rest in God's peace. Amen.

  6. Oh, this is saaaad! I hope he's in eternal rest. It's sad to see such youthfulness go away!

  7. Life is so fickle, I pray he's in a better place now. And may God provide consolation for you and those he left behind.

  8. Just read through his posts and I felt so sad. May his gentle soul RIP. May he be remembered for the great guy that he is.

  9. So many young people dying these days...may his soul RIP

  10. May his gentle soul rest in peace.

  11. I HATE THIS!
    HATE HATE HATE n doing best not to shed a tear!!!

  12. his writing was a joy to read. may he rest in peace

  13. I never knew him on blogsville...but I feel ur pain right now.

    I'm so sorry...

    May his soul RIP

  14. :(

    may God grant his family the fortitude to bear the loss (amen

  15. Not too familiar with him;
    I'm just so sorry.. Really am..
    Pray bad things stop happening..


  17. it's soooo sad, we were just talking abt him in my office yes'day..apparently, he was a colleague's classmate in Uni..she said he was such a joy, the kinda guy babes love, she went on their fb group and commiserated..only for me to come on here today and he was a is such a loss!

    R.I.P and may evil be far away from us all.

  18. Nonso was a true gentleman. He was a product of the University of Ibadan law department, just like me. A true gentleman I really must say.
    Rest in Peace, Nonso.

  19. yeah
    You are right.
    We do need to get serious
    with God.

  20. RIP to him.
    Forgive yourself. God holds all things in His hands.

    - LDP

  21. I am just seeing you can never imagine how my heart broke. He just never called to say he was ill..My heart still weeps for the loss. My prayer for him is permanent and it is That The Lord keeps him safe and that the love from the people he left behind help him.


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