I looked round and saw hundreds of guest. it was my special day and everyone in town looked forward to celebrating it. Well, except a few haters who stayed away.
You never missed it, my birthday, the talk of town, the IT event of the year.

It felt wonderful seeing them go all out to celebrate me. I saw expensive new dresses, sparkly shoes, glamorous hair dos and dazzling smiles. No one could keep gloomy for long on my special day.

The music....the best musicians from everywhere composed special songs and performed just for me.
the do the say it in Italian? delizioso
People threw away those funny diets, a day calories welcome with open arms.
there was dancing, the goofy to the wonderful moves.
Love was in the air. For the good cheer in the room was enough to break any ice between people.

It made me glad i was born, if only for a day like this. I was born for a purpose, i was born out of love, and my birth brings people of all class together.
But then in the midst of it all, the merry making and the laughter, my heart broke.
As much as everyone was joyful and celebrating my day, very few people even acknowledged me the celebrant.
everyone was out for my special day
but no one really cared about me, the celebrant
just few said 'happy birthday Jesus, thank you for becoming flesh for our sake. Your gift of love to us"


  1. sweet. really. it is so easy to forget what we are celebrating. Sorry Lord. Im so glad you came.

  2. yea...grateful christ was born.
    Happy Birthday Jesus


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