Haterz...It's not that serious o.

No Haters
I got an interesting mail today...I wasn't going to dwell on it but its been flashing in my head all evening.
An old school mate sent a mail to me apologizing for 9years ago. Apparently she wrote mean words in my slum book/year book. She hated me.
Its funny because, as hard as I've tried to recall, I can't remember her writing stuff and I can't remember holding any grudge against her.
I mean after secondary school, I noticed she wasn't so friendly with me. I just assumed it was a part of who she was and thought nothing of it, It all makes sense now.... Apparently she feels I've held it in me all these years and I've probably hated her.

Life's not that serious.
Maybe I was hurt when I read what she wrote...maybe I cried or maybe I didn't care. Who knows? I certainly don't remember.
(I respect her a lot for what she did, and this post is in no way a diss at her, she's a lovely lovely lady)

This got me thinking, how many people have we wasted our precious moments and priceless emotions hating? We spend so much in us sending the negative vibes their way and surprise surprise... They go on living life, not noticing, not knowing, not caring, and you're all by yourself getting a heartburn from hating.

I'm a lovable person if I may say so myself:)(i mean if i can love me, who are you not to love me too ). But I understand that in life not everyone would come close to liking you. Even Jesus with all his sweetness had and still has haters. I've had people I've never met or heard of say hateful things about me. I sat next to some girl as I made my hair some years ago, I didn't know who she was till my friend mentioned her name and I realized she was some chic who told someone how much she hated me.
I'm not worried that I'm being hated on. I'm just amazed at how clueless I am to the hating around me. Makes me wonder at the number of people I laugh with daily who respond with that subtle evil growl of hate under their breath.*shrug shoulder* their hate can't do me nothing.

Life's not that serious, the same way I no longer pay attention to what people say or don't say about me, is the same way I guess people I might have hated on once are oblivious to me. So I have no choice than to stop hating.
Beyonce.... I no longer hate on. My dislike or jealousy whichever it be of her success wouldn't give her a headache, I'll be the one looking for Tylenol to take after getting a hateache.
Like I said, it isn't that serious, this thing called life. Don't spend time on something as 'serious' as hating.
Be a lover not a fighter.
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  1. You are very right. It is an absolute waste of time hating or keeping a grudge. It just ends up eating you up and you find you are constantly thinking of the person, like the girl was learly thinking about you. Way easier to let things go and carrying on living. x

  2. I also say I'm a lover not a fighter, hating just takes too much energy, both unnecessary and negative. Like angelsbeauty said, best to just let go and move on.

    Nice article...

  3. Like Myne said, hating is way too much work and between you and I i'm too busy working at how to turn planes into submarines to even notice.

  4. Yep, they go about their business, leaving you with worry and heartache. So come to think of it, there's really no point in wasting time on them. Better to live and love than to worry and hate.

  5. Hating is so consuming! I remember when I have such intense feelings about people, I dwell it on so much I feel I am being drowned! It is so much easier to just let go. Life is indeed beautiful only if we choose to see it.

  6. yes, you are right "life is not that serious".. hahaha

    I think while the personal choice to hate is seriously bad - bad for the person doing the hating, something worse is feeling hated by someone / some people; feeling disliked by him, her or them.

    I call this the "part2" of hate. I consider it a limiting factor, some kinda bondage which the person that feels hated willing puts himself or herself into, unknowingly. Since I really dont know what you are thinking upstairs, why should I conclude that your action A, B and C are a result of your hating me? At the end of the day, I might even find out that you were just living your life, and here am I doing your mathematics.

  7. damn FQ. I hate u!!!. lol. it is understand for young people to behanve in such a way. it goes with keeping malice and having ur own clique. understandable. but for grown people today over 21 to indulge such nonsense is stupid.

    the bottom line is envy. when haters understand their emotion as envy they will drop it fast.

    let them hate. who cares.

    merry xmas dear

  8. Nice Post!
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  9. Catching this post late, but better than never. I co-sign the entire sentiment concerning haters not being giving enough power to hold an effect over my life. F*ck a hater. I actualy feel sorry for anyone who waste such precious time hating on another person who could care less and will continue to do themselves, as perhaps the haters should.

    Good stuff.


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