Sexy et Fabuleux

Lingerie shopping in Nigeria can be such a drag, you finally find a good lingerie store and the price tag sends you reeling, you don't want to guess how much primark undies go for. smh. Then of course, they don't give you the best services, fittings and consulting is such a drag, you get blank, clueless stares from the sales girls. No wonder we see loads of women walk the streets with their clothes not well balanced, just because they don't get it right on the inside.

That's where sexy et fabuleux comes in. Our very own Fumns is a crusader for the exploration and redemption of the femininity of the female folk(that sounds so intelligent...but meaningless :) ) and she came up with this fabulous idea to help the ladies get their groove back on. Look extra fab on the inside and you look extra extra fab on the outside. Lingerie shopping just got interesting for Lagosians:), you'll get all you need to make you feel good at the right price and there will be fitting sessions to ensure you get the right size too. Individual lingerie audits and style consultations, bridal lingerie and plus size E-K cups will be available for you too. No more sagging, no more slouchy shoulders, no more ill fitting clothes...and in the words of the dstv ad " no more wahala".

This is the second edition of sexy et fabuleux, the first was a huge success, its a quarterly sales event. The next edition will be on sunday the 12th of December 2010 at the GET arena Victoria island, Lagos. Various brands will be on sale from Victoria's secrets to ehh other brands:) So basically its an 'everybody affair' from the high brands to the affordable.

***I promise you, this isn't a paid ad, although i hope fumns would see this and love me for it and probably repay me with lunch or something #justsaying

check out for more info.
happy shopping.. Make sure you show up...who knows the girl of your dreams might be there and you'll get to say " we met at sexy et fabuleux"  sounds like an exotic love story.


  1. "Discover what's sexier than naked"

    Wow, who wrote that?! Cool.

  2. yaaaay!

    Funms in the building!

    I hope she buy's you lunch for this. lol

  3. now rushing to Mr Biggs to buy meatpie for FQ...........hehehehehehehe


    i owe u more than lunch sef...:)

  4. Let's ask the guru who wrote that great tagline....*cough* freak*cough*sho*cough*


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