Say it with a song.

I have the perfect songs all planned out for my wedding... I'll take the mic and give some hardcore soft acapella performance with my sultry voice for my hubby, ballad after ballad I'll sing, I'll sing so good, i might even get signed at my wedding. It'll be perfect. Only hitch is, my sister recently condemned my singing, she said i need a voice coach, and she wasn't so nice about it. So I'll settle with my imaginations for now, or hope my 'dear future husband' is a better singer than i am. I wouldn't mind a song or two.

Here's a clip of Obiora Obiwon performing an unreleased number "when i say i love you" for his bride, right before he switches to the crowd favorite of Obi Mu O, he finally got to sing it at his own wedding, for the person it was originally written for(well i assume she's the inspiration behind the song)


  1. He will be a better singer as you wish

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