Lol Moment Of Faith...

What foolishness has your faith pushed you to?

I got back from Calabar and lo and behold, my Macbook refused to come on. Maybe she was mad at me for not taking her on the trip with me(i always travel with my laptop, but left it this time)
I was heartbroken, i knew i had overworked the poor thing, but why and how could she just die on me. Especially when i didn't have the N240k for a new macbook.
I refused to let myself grow weary after the Miss Fix it in me yielded nothing in all my fumbling with parts.

The next afternoon, after i had whined about my laptop to a friend, i went to the room to have a look again, knowing there was nothing i could do about it. I had already made some calls to make arrangements for a new macbook with no idea how i was going to pay up. I sighted the bottle of anointing oil by my bed, and something moved me to pick it up and dab a little on my finger tips, I laughed at myself when i realized what i was going to do with the oil, in between bouts of laughter, i said 'Father, your anointing gives life, i speak life into this laptop' thats how i spoke life into my mac and touched it with the oil, thinking how foolish i was acting (X_x). I hit the power button and my screen lite up... I was in shock.

Give me a minute here, time for a praise break....
God uses the foolish things of the world indeed. Somethings may seem stupid, and even crazy... so crazy you even want to hide from yourself when you think about doing them, but don't let stupidity and the foolishness of certain actions stop you when you're moving in faith.
It's been two weeks and i'm still using the old macbook, still trusting for a new one as soon as possible.

God is a good God with a sense of humor and I love Him!


  1. Lool. The bible says that the foolishness of God is wiser than the highest wisdom of man.

    The pic you used is CLASSIC!!!

  2. lol.. what a wonderful story, i love the picture too!

  3. Truly a loool moment! Amazing how God uses such simple matters to prove Himself big and all powerful. Thanks for sharing this faith building moment iNyamu. Blessings!

  4. Omg! God's just awesome. 240k that wasn't planned for aint beans but God came through. Hilarious picture


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