I hate waiting.

When an event is slated for 8pm, I’m more often than not ready at about 7pm, and prepared to get there for 8pm or a few minutes after. It doesn’t help that when I decide to go with friends, I’m ready at 8pm, and they stroll into the bathroom at 8pm. It gets to me, it infuriates me. I adjust my makeup, sit close to the ac or fan to keep myself cool or more likely keep my temper cool … I get restless, imagining what I'm missing out on, and how rude it is to be late.
I fume on inside and wait impatiently, slightly irritated by the 'we've got all the time in world' attitude being displayed. 
Does it happen to you too?

Have you noticed how time seems to slow down when you wait? You check the time and it’s 8.35pm, then you pick up some magazine or something and after what seems like forever you check the time again and it’s only 8:38pm. Now you're about pulling out your hair. It's especially frustrating when in that moment, you keep refreshing twitter and no one seems to be twitting, your timeline is so boring, everything seems to have gone slow motion on you. Stretching out on the bed and forgetting the event or calling a cab to come pick you up since you're going in your friends car is almost tempting. That initial excitement of getting yourself all prettied up and finally getting into your dress has dropped to the lowest of the low, because you've been delayed from going where you've looked forward to showing up all pretty and relaxed since you got the invite.

In that moment, you begin to wonder why you didn’t suggest that they meet you there. Why did you have to choose to go with friends? At least you would have been there on time, at your own pace if you went alone, no chance of  missing out on anything. You finally pile into the car an hour thirty minutes late. You get there two hours late and surprise surprise, you didn’t miss anything. The event is just gearing up to start as you take your seats, making an entrance that gets you noticed. If you didn’t get delayed(sometimes), you'd have come on time in your own definition but have to awkwardly wait around as the organizers desperately try to put things together way past their slated time. The organizers time is almost always never the right time. That’s a fact we sometimes need to embrace.(especially when you live in Nigeria)

Sometimes we need to embrace waiting as hideous as it can be. More often than not we rush out and find out we got there at the wrong time, which was the right time on our invitation cards but obviously the wrong time in the organizers head. Thus I guess we have to be thankful for the friends that delay us in the long run, they invariably save us from a lot of embarrassing/awkward situations of being there in the midst of the chaos of the stage falling apart and needing a quick fix to the "checking mic 1, 2" sound check, to the caterer loosing her cool after a bunch of plates gets broken when she's setting up etc.

i.e Have you been given the "when are you getting married" card lately? You know that look? Like "girl, the show started at 24 and you're already 27 and still not on your way there?" Well, I'm ready, but I've got to wait for my Friend, I can't go to that event without Him, He may be taking His time, but I know it's for my good. Those of you who've read this blog for a while now would remember how i used to whine about this... then i stopped. Now I'm just thankful i didn't leave my friend and head out for the event on my own, or else I'd have been ridiculously early and more likely have turned back home to sleep with disappointment. Was there a lack of men then? No. Is there a lack now? Nope. But it's far beyond the availability of men. it's about stepping out at the right time. I have matured over the years, anything before now would have been such a mistake. 

God is our friend as much as He is our Lord and King. Be willing to invite Him to go with you every path your life takes you, as much as a friend can cause delay, life isn't worth going through alone, and this friend is one worth holding on to. We may feel like we're being slowed down by letting Him go with us, because we can't just jump into the vehicle and drive off when we're done dressing. But when has God ever failed or been wrong? 
Be thankful to Him for delaying you when you’re dressed and ready to step out. Don't curse at Him or murmur when it seems like He's taking a shower when you should be seated at the event (of your marriage, deal, career, promotion etc) already. Don't be mad at Him for making you wait, when your idea of the right time stares you in your face. Boldly written on the invitation card the society has given you is a 9pm prompt time staring at you... Don't fret. If He lets you go out when you choose too, you would get there a little too early for the show, when the venue isn’t near ready for you, and that’d be real awkward and disappointing. It kind of kills your joy and all you want to do is just go back home or if you choose to stay, you're not really noticed cos you're already seated by the time others come in. But going in His time means you get there right on time, not late and not early, just the right timing of not missing out on anything and same time getting noticed as you make your way in. (I'm sure we all want to get noticed through the works of our hands, so we really shouldn't mind waiting on Him, because going ahead on our own may get us lost at the bottom of the sea of other talents out there...)

Trust Him to be always on time. Find a fan or an ac(the word) and let it cool you and your temper, building up patience as you wait, and keeping your make-up (hope, faith) fresh for when you eventually step out.


  1. It is not easy to wait for anything. Great perspective.

  2. Thanks for helping us douse our anxiety

  3. Lovely lovely write up..I like how you connect real life experience with the word...Yes waiting can be painful but the end result is well worth it..Its like when a woman is in labour, when the baby comes out, she forgets the wait and pain..

  4. Waiting........i have had my own fair share ohh. Waiting for a better job, i waited ehnnn. Now im truning 25 in a few months time, the husband wait has set in. Ill be patient coz Gods time is the best.

  5. I've learnt that I have no choice but to wait. Pretty hard sometimes, but hey....

  6. Waiting for years, doubting, faith shaken when you now start attending your friend's kids party. Its like your name's dropped off that list. Thats waiting and when you have to trust God

  7. I love it.
    I am like you when it comes to waiting on people.
    I HATE IT.
    Waiting on God to do what I think He should have done ages ago .....
    but each day I'm learning to lean on Him and forget the ticking clock

  8. When it really begins to gnaw at me, I remind myself that only the living wait......dead people cease to have expectations and for them,, hope has no meaning.

    I might not be where I want to be or have what I want to have but as long as God gifts me one more day, one more breath......I will wait o so help me Jesus Christ! As usual, loved dropping by your space.

  9. You write so well. Love d symbolism. This is really lovely.


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