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It's been so crazy but i refuse to let the crazy get me mad. I'm happy and I'm thankful. God always comes through for me and I've learned to believe that all things work together for my good. Even when some expectations are not met, I know it's alright. I was so crushed a few days ago when a deal i was making with a friend flat lined. I was almost in tears when the call ended, but then i prayed and it was alright again. Oh, i get a pang in my heart when i think about it, but I'm not as depressed or angry as i would have been if i had no idea that it was for good after all.

I'm leaving London in two days and it's mixed feelings all the way. I'm excited about going back to the rest of the family and I'm sad about leaving my sister and nieces. I've been here for a month, this is the shortest time I've ever spent. On the bright side, it's getting cold and I'm in no mood to deal with the cold, dark days creeping in.

One of my favorite songs of the moment is 'Look What've You Done' by Tree63 Hope you enjoy it as well.


  1. heyy ! will you say hi to your fans next time you visit our town.? :)
    with God's children, it always works out good.

  2. :( Hola CHickie. Dont be down. You have to be patient and have faith in Gods timing....Its not always ours. But remember though it tarries it will come to pass. I listened to a message by Joel Osteen about Gods timing. Dont let a bad situation steal your joy.

    Hope you can link to it through this. Trust will speak to you. Its an awesome word. Let me know what you think.
    Have a safe trip back to Nigeria jetsetter:).

    1. I listened to it... Strong!!! funny thing is i have nits and bits in my scrap book on waiting and Isaac and Ismael, but just couldn't understand how to relate it. This word took me THERE!!!! Thank you so much.

    2. No problem chicka. Heard it on Sunday and thought it was so on point. Glad you could relate. Your blog is fantastic by the way. Keep up the awesome work.

  3. Your best days are before you..just hold your head up high and LIVE!

  4. stay strong girl.... your best is yet to come


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