A couple us, young folks are reading the book of proverbs through the month of October... more like a bible study on each chapter for each day. I've shyed away from taking a chapter, I'm just having a great time reading and learning... what lessons!!! It's refreshing getting the emails and reading what people have to say, you get to learn and see things from a different perspective.

Toyin, the mastermind of the group asked this question "Do we think it's possible that the world is intentionally designed to make sin/evil/folly more 'automatic' and cultural than moral nowadays"

Musing me!! haha, had to add this picture for some musing effect :) My friend Kunle took this shot when he was getting a hang at playing with the camera. He plays with more pictures here...
I was excited when i saw the question from Toyin, because a few days earlier, i was reading the book of Luke and something satan said during his 2nd temptation of Jesus got me confused, and i mused on it till i gave up on trying to understand it. Luke 4:6 AMP 'And he said to Him, To You I will give all this power  and  authority and their glory (all their magnificence,excellence, preeminence, dignity, and grace), for it has been turned over to me,  I give it to whomever I will." I guess that says alot. The question put that verse in perspective. The world has been turned over to satan, and the only way to not get sucked into his lies and all the horrors laying underneath the double layer of sugar coated benefits he offers us,  is by hiding under the shadow of God. To stand out for God, is to reject the world's(satans) system. Probably why we say we are in the world but not of the world. "Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God's will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect"Romans 12:2

Don't know if I've gone off point, but anyways, a few days ago, i was talking to my sister about Hollywood and homosexuality and all. (I still stand that i can't judge them and hate them for who they are if i can love my friend for something as 'little' as lying. Sin is sin) I love 'modern family' and I've noticed most series that capture a large following have a gay couple in there for good measure... greys anatomy, desperate houswives etc. Hollywood has somehow become the dictator of the cultural norm,(an episode of west wing has a scene where president Bartlet attended a fundraising dinner for his campaign by a top shot gay Hollywood producer who threatened to take away his support from the president if he didn't come out supporting them)  they take away the shock value from our reality. Because we've seen it in the movies looking so normal and so real, then it's okay. That's what the children of this generation will grow up to... movies that tell them whats the norm, while parents struggle with impacting Christian morals that seem stupid and senseless.(Someone in the group gave the Hollywood respond as well, I guess there's an awakening to our consciousness to things we take for granted) 

In conclusion, the response from Oti sums it all up " I feel like we are literally living in the "Matrix".The only people who can see the world for what it is are the people who have been "unplugged" I.E "Born Again" Everyone else has their eyes blinded by the god of this world 2 Cor 4 vs 4 Ask for wisdom, ask for discernment. Test all things. Don't accept anything on face value. Rely on the Word of God, that your mind may continuously be truly enlightened."
What's your take?


  1. Good point. I noticed it too. When the world decides something is going to be "cool", they insert it in mainstream media.
    In 2010/2011, we started seeing homosexuality being inserted into mainstream media: glee, modern family, grey's anatomy, .and the rest. I believe this was to take away the shock value, and then in 2011, gay marriage became legal in a handful of states,
    Now it's bondage sex. With the roaring success of 50 shades, bondage sex is now becoming acceptable, and highlighted even in pornography.
    Before that, it was the vampire series targeted at kids with the twilight series.

    1. spot on pastor bum bum :)
      I totally forgot to see this in the light of the whole vampire series and harry potter things.

      Witchcraft is now so cool. My sister's neighbour is a witch. the other day my sis came home to tell me she saw her meditating naked outside her house... in the afternoon. She's got all this signs hanging around her house. This is in the UK where witches were burnt in the not so distant past.
      I mean they have witches conferences and no one raises an eyebrow because well... how cool is harry potter?

    2. Its quite sad and a little scary. I think life imitates art to then imitate life again (?)...i know. Translation being that things that we think are so far from normal/strange/hollywoodish are not that far from you. Case in point your sisters neighbor.
      Being out in the work force and talking to different people, its amazing what people go through and the perverted lives that are seen as normal. These things are already in the undercurrent which is why....50 shades of grey later....things like Harry potter/homosexuality and pornography are a phenomenon. We all have to seek God earnestly so that even we who think we stand take heed and know why we truly stand for what we stand for.
      Bible study sounds great. Is it open?

    3. Identity is the key in these age... knowing who you are in christ and understanding why we stand apart, or else we'd be easily swayed.

      send me your email addy.

  2. I recently overdosed on True Blood (the show), and I couldn't help noticing that every other form of spirituality was highlighted and extolled as powerful, every one except christianity. There was so much emphasis on demons (spirit of fire - El Fitr or sth, the Maynard), Mediums, evil spirits (the mexican evil spirit), even vampire demons (Lillith) etc being powerful whilst the only representation of christianity was a dodgy adulterous pastor who conducted a very ineffective and even dodgier exorcism. It bothered me, really bothered me. When did christianity become the joke and everything else the real deal? I could go on and on, this should really be a post in itself :). This post reflects my exact sentiments. I really like the Matrix reference and I think I would like to join your bible study group Joy.

    P.s. I've been following this new blog consistently and loving it, please keep doing what you are doing.

    1. Thank you Smaragd. You've been so silent on blogville. Great to know you still lurk around, even if in the shadows :)
      the group is open... email addy?

  3. Hi everyone. Nice piece Joy. Media has become the most powerful agent of socialization. One is forced into thinking media is the only agent of socialization there is. Consciously and unconsciously people rely on media for answers. And of of course those that control the media know just what to put up to miss lead people. Trust me if you watch those stuff long enough you would start believing it. Apart from promoting immorality, witch craft and the others stuff mention in the blog post and comment. Media promotes low self esteem, competition and a false sense of reality leading to false expectations. They deliberately leave out the process and go straight to the fantastic results. Life ain't like that!! Take the case of pornography where media portrays all sorts with regards to sex. Man/woman gets married and expect spouse to give them that same experience. What God intended to be holy has be turned into an avenue of fulfilling lustful desires. The matrix reference says it all.

    1. Guard your hearts rings clear and true right now. Cos you really can't run away from certain things any more as they are right in your face. God help us.


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