The Equation...

I told you the mathematics story right? I probably did. But I’m that nice aunty, that you just have to sit through one of her stories even when you’ve heard it a million times and smile through it pretending it intrigues you each time.
So my niece had this math homework. I got home late and met them struggle with it, my two sisters failed and I certainly wasn’t feeling like a champ because I hate math. I was clueless. I used the calculator and I got the right answer… what in the world did the teacher expect? Why use your brains when you can use a calculator? Everyone was in a fix… I pretended to try to solve it, but in my head I was probably daydreaming about something else, probably a warm bath after all that cold outside. 
The last resort was to email the equation to my brother to solve it and send it back to us in time for school the next day.

All this time, mummy sat watching her daughters shame her… one eye on the Nollywood channel, and the other on what her investment in our education produced.
After watching us shame ourselves for a bit, she asked for the work book. I was about smart mouthing her to stay out of it, you know something like “I don’t think you’ll be able to do this”. She left the maths text book over 50 years ago after all, I wasn't all wrong for thinking that.
I reluctantly took the book to her, and there she calmly sat, holding the pen like a cup of hot chocolate, and within a few minutes, mother dear mother had solved the equation, without a calculator, to the last decimal point… When she handed the work paper, I checked the calculator and I was shocked. She got it handled just like Olivia Pope would, and without the gladiators in suits! She's good!!! My mummy needs no gladiators to handle issues... well with the three daughters in the room as her gladiators, she might as well not bother. Olivia who? (spare me for going all scandal on you)
 Needless to say, my niece’s teacher accused the sweet child of using a calculator and failed her, because it was impossible to get the answer so accurately without using one. I really wanted my mum to go the overpriced, stuck up school to give the teacher a schooling the old school way… you know show off,  but oh well. Some things are just so unbelievable when they are true. Fact stranger than fiction sort of strange.

I’m retelling this story for a reason. We go through tight knots sometimes, and we feel we’re old enough to handle certain situations ourselves, and so we ignore the one person in the room who has the answer and waste time going round in circles till the last minute. And when we humble ourselves enough to hand it over to God, He works it out in such a supernatural way that makes people to doubt, because who can explain His ways?
What issues are you going through? Stop passing it round like that equation, getting clueless people to give you clueless advices…. Turn to the one sitting in the room, watching you and waiting for you to ask for His help. You never get too old to need mothers help. She may be old, but she’s still as smart… God may be the ancient of days but He’s still smarter than you are even with all your ipads and smart phones and google. Let Him be your first point of call when you get a twisted equation dumped on you.
It's so easy, when we don't choose to make it complicated.


  1. Waoh!!sume of us fil we hv evry situation unda control but we can do beraa n get xcellent results if we can jst ask d experienced ones or beta still d HOLYGHOST

  2. Its just for us to submit our issues to God everytime and depend on him works ll the time.

    1. it works... but human nature makes it so hard to et go and just trust.


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