They Went Home...

Maya Angelou’s ‘They went home’ reminds me of a post I put up on the other woman some years ago.

They went home and told their wives,
that never once in all their lives,
had they known a girl like me,
But... They went home.

They said my house was licking clean,
no word I spoke was ever mean,
I had an air of mystery,
But... They went home.

My praises were on all men's lips,
they liked my smile, my wit, my hips,
they'd spend one night, or two or three.
Maya Angelou

They’ll always go home.
The wife is a slob. She whines a lot, she smells like garlic and fish, she’s fat, she’s not as fine…  She’s everything you’re not, but they still go home to her. Why? Because she’s what they want, all the things you aren’t, and they love her for it. She gets Christmas and every major holiday, she gets the name and the honor that comes with it… She gets it all, even though you’re leeching on him. She gets the respect of never getting to finding out about you because you are that insignificant.

What does that tell you? The smell of garlic and raw chicken is more soothing than Chanel No 5. They don’t love you enough; they never really loved you in the first place. Nope, the diamonds they gifted you with doesn’t really mean anything. You’re just a bad hobby, a diversion, a past time… like reading a boring book on a long flight, something to keep him occupied before he lands and then he goes about his business. Or that subscription to ‘Archie’ you don’t really need, but you might as well read it since you’ve got nothing better to do while in the toilet.

Why waste your time and energy being the other woman when you can be ‘the woman’? Yeah, finding a good man like him is hard, there is a recession and it isn’t limited to finance… Well those who are blooming in this recession don’t have two heads. You don’t have to bury a cow alive to be hit with the common sense, that once your scheming works and you become ‘the woman’, you create a vacancy and another woman fills the other woman slot.

And to all the men going back home... don't try to justify yourselves, yes you go home, yes you love your wife, yes you don't want her to get hurt that's why you're not rubbing it in her  face, but who asked you to step out in the first place? It doesn't make you more of a man if you have a hot chic in every area code... it makes you less of a man. It takes an absence of common sense that isn't so common after all for a man to cheat... " But a man who commits adultery has no sense; whoever does so destroys himself" Proverbs 6:32

"Drink water from your own well—
share your love only with your wife.
Why spill the water of your springs in the streets,
having sex with just anyone?
You should reserve it for yourselves.
Never share it with strangers.
Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you.
Rejoice in the wife of your youth.
She is a loving deer, a graceful doe.
Let her breasts satisfy you always.
May you always be captivated by her love.
Why be captivated, my son, by an immoral woman,
or fondle the breasts of a promiscuous woman?
For the Lord sees clearly what a man does,
examining every path he takes.
An evil man is held captive by his own sins;
they are ropes that catch and hold him.
He will die for lack of self-control;
he will be lost because of his great foolishness."
Proverbs 5:15-23


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