He's Got You Babe...

I found something I wrote a few months ago, when an application I sent in wasn’t approved. When I got the email giving flimsy reasons for the rejection, I felt cold and angry, because I knew someone somewhere was just being mean and I wondered if I should have bypassed the process and just gone straight to the boss through an acquaintance… But this was only for a few minutes, because soon after, I was writing this words of encouragement, because I knew that even though it hurt, only better could come out of it.
Reading it today again has rekindled my heart to the truth of how trustworthy our God is…

This isn’t a set back for me. It’s an upliftment. God never takes backward steps with the righteous, they rise even when all seems fallen. They shine brighter and brighter even when all seems gloomy and situations bring storms
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. He loves you and only thinks great thoughts and loving thoughts towards you.
Daddy loves you more than any earthly being ever has or ever will. Trust His hand and His will. Trust His love and His goodness. Trust His excellence and His perfect plans. Just trust, don’t try to understand. Trust.
Daddy’s got you. He’s in control.
Rest child, rest!
He hears you. Rest.

I pray this blesses someone today.
God’s go you baby, chill!


  1. I like your attitude. I always pray
    'Thy Will Be Done'.
    Everything I don't get, I smile, and I say to God, "I don't want anything You don't want me to have. I'll be patient that you have a blessing you are designing for me. Amen.'

  2. Thanks. This just really encouraged me right now.

  3. "...should have bypassed the process and just gone straight to the boss..." oftentimes doesn't make us feel we earned it or it makes us (eventually) feel we will be indebted to the boss.

    When we encounter seeming disappointment, i like to see it as God saying,
    ...though you want this; for it to be worthwhile, you need to learn a few more stuff or
    ...though you want this; I believe you deserve a bit more.


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