You Should Move It Move It...

We were travelling back to Makurdi from Abuja and it begun to rain heavily. It was pouring hard and visibility was poor. My mum panicked and asked the driver to pull over and park till it stopped raining, but the driver and I both protested. I told her it wasn’t safe to park in this condition. Stopping would put us in more danger than moving.  

After saying that to her, it got me thinking… how many of us have parked/are parking because the storm is too strong, and the rain is pouring heavily? How many of us have given up and locked ourselves up, locked others up, given up on a relationship, a job or a dream just because our lives are experiencing a downpour and we just don’t have the will to move forward, because visibility is blurred and it just feels so hard?

We may feel like giving in to self-pity and curling up in a depressive ball would help, but it doesn’t. The way to get out of the storm is to keep moving. And remember that when you move in a downpour you don’t speed through, or else you would crash, so it’s ok when you feel like you’re moving too slow, and whatever issue still seems to be staring you in the face, it doesn’t mean it’s won, you’re still right on track as long as you’re taking steps ahead and not folded up in despair, know that each time you move, you’re closer to the other side with blue skies.

The healing process takes time when you’ve been hurt, and because you’re healing, you don’t rush through the hurt and act like it never happened, but you take deliberate steps, till you move over to the other side.  Don’t rush into the next relationship because the last failed and knocked you out, while you shouldn’t stay parked in heartbreak, move slowly to the next so you don’t crash. Don’t run to the next town or the next church because you’ve been hurt by someone in the last…
Before long, we were out of the downpour because we kept moving albeit slowly. With each step you take, you move from the deep end of the storm and before long you’re under blue skies again, were visibility is perfect and you pick up your speed.

Stopping is dangerous. Stopping is awful… we sometimes lose everything because we are too scared to risk everything on a trust and move. You can’t see clearly? Well you’ve heard God give a word of assurance that He’ll never leave you or forsake you, let that be the light to your path, let that be the wiper that gives you the view of the next step, let every step be deliberate, but sure and certain… till you get there. Before long you’re under blue skies again and the sun is shinning, the only thing left to remind you of the storm you’ve been through are drops of water hanging on to your car, and that would be dried up by the sun before long.
Persevere in your trust in God and in prayer and keep moving baby…


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