Debt Free... Yayy!

Have you ever been in debt? I have and it was horrible. I got involved in a somewhat bad deal; well it wasn’t all bad till there was an outstanding bill I couldn’t meet up with at the stipulated time. Oh gosh! Life just twists and turns you to a deplorable state of unrest. Your life isn’t yours anymore, even when you try to relax, something nudges you… ah ah, not today my friend, you owe…. You owe. You’re in debt. Even when no one is calling you to pay up, you still feel haunted.

I live in Nigeria; we don’t bury ourselves in institutionalized debts in these parts. We don’t have credit card bills piling up, very few people buy their homes on mortgage. They don’t see all of us as credit worthy and the banks make getting loans even for legit businesses a hellish task, talk less of personal loans. Thus we’re not used to the debt life or living beyond our means on credit. There’s no fear of houses and cars being repossessed, because we out rightly own what we have. Ain't I glad about this... not having any credit card bills to deal with. A friend who's a business man kept laughing at me, and telling me to man up... that's how business is done, sometimes you owe... sometimes you don't. But how could I? I was not built for being in debt.
I didn’t have any peace, one minute I’d be laughing at something and even enjoying myself, and then I’d remember my debt, a little taunting voice in my head would get me weak and sad and withdrawn.
The day I got to sort out that debt was such a happy day. I could breath!

The debt life isn’t a life to live. The debt free life is such a blessing. Waking up in the morning knowing you owe nothing, nobody has anything on you. Your phone rings and you don’t hope it’s not about the money you owe. You wake up feeling free and go through life feeling light, nothing is bugging you. Nothing is nudging at you, nothing is breaking your relaxation… its peace, joy all the way.

God has given us a debt free life. 
If I felt this way about money, how much worse it is to feel like you owe a huge debt in life, one your money can’t pay for.
We were in debt, you and me. Our lives were a mess. An accusing finger pointing at us everyday and we would accept the accusation, walk in shame, working all day trying to pay up the debt. But we still weren’t making any progress, all attempts; all our toiling wasn’t even a drop in the ocean in our debt bank. It was truly a hopeless case until Jesus came in and paid off our debt. Just like that, on that cross, He paid the highest price and now we’re free.
He died to set us free.

“He gave his life to purchase freedom for everyone.” (1 Timothy 2:6a NLT)

Stop living like one who owes. Creeping through life with your head down, living in fear that God is angry with you and would soon be demanding you pay a price for your sin. Don’t think the headache is a price you’re paying for lying, or barrenness is a price for a promiscuous life.  You don’t owe anything. Live life to the fullest in Christ… a rich and satisfying life is what the death debt payment has given you. Enjoy life to the fullness, peace like a river, and joy like a fountain. God is not angry with you. He’s accepted the payment Christ gave for you. Truth is He paid so much more than the price of our sins, just to make sure there’s no loose end. Thus not only has your debt been paid, but you’re no longer a slave to sin; not a slave to fear, to lust, to heartbreak, to sickness… you rule over everything that has kept you captive, you've been set free.

Don’t live life like you’re in debt. Timid and tattered… the bible says the righteous man is as bold as a lion. Are you righteous? Of course you are, I can boldly say that… we are righteous because Jesus died, and we have been accepted in Him, thus we are the righteousness of God in Christ. Go through life boldly, knowing you are righteous and you can do ALL things through Christ.

Jesus assumed our guilt and suffered the full penalty of our sins, in our name, in our place. The entire debt against the one who believes in Christ is wiped out. T.L. Osborn

Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you. Galatians 5:1 (MSG)

A debt free person would do things from the standpoint of what Jesus has done, the finished works on the cross. He would pay attention to details, to the fine print of who He is as written in the word. He would know his stuff, who he is, what he is, the value of the price paid for him. He thinks long term, he don’t just fall into sin with instant gratification, he thinks about the prize set before him and even if he does fall, he gets right back up as the righteous and forgiven man that he is. He isn’t afraid to ask his Father… yes He paid our debt already, but it doesn’t stop him from asking for more, rather it gives him a right to more, more than enough, thus he's bold enough to ask Him for more, to meet his needs. A debt free man refuses to be intimidated by life, he saves the word in his heart and is equipped to encourage himself when he comes across trouble. He has the Holy Spirit as his wise counsel and delights in fellowshipping with him. He isn’t afraid to say No when necessary, knowing that yielding to popular demand doesn’t define him, but his identity in Christ sets him apart. He knows the value of money, the power in giving; offerings, tithing, sowing and charity, that’s the value of cash and not in hoarding and just for personal gains.

Why would He give His life for us, just like that? Because He loves us. The cross equals love.

Good Friday is celebrated as the day Christ died. It’s a reminder that you are debt free, and we have a fully paid life. Don’t let the devil keep knocking on your mind and threatening you with a life bill that’s already been taken care of, with a huge tip. His death has set you free indeed. Live in this freedom and don’t let life intimidate you, because you owe it nothing, and God is not angry with you anymore.

So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free. John 8:36

One of my favorite hillsong song is ‘man of sorrow’ A part of it goes like this …
Now my debt is paid, It is paid in full. By the precious blood, That my Jesus spilled
Now the curse of sin Has no hold on me Whom the Son sets free, Oh is free indeed
Whom the son sets free, is free indeed!
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