Stuff Fairytales Are Made Of...

The romance stories I find myself drawn to, are those where two different social classes seem to merge in love. How social barrier isn’t a determinant of how hard love hits and when it does, they fight through everything to the happily ever after.
The wealthy handsome guy, and the lower class beautiful lady… What perfect fairytales are made of… Sigh!

A few examples of stories that make me swoon….
Sound of music… gosh! I only began to really understand and see the story line as an adult and I was blown away. The captain and the nanny… how absurd, so beautiful, so heart melting, what perfect daydreams are made of.
Pretty woman floored me. The wealthy business mogul, who was young, suave, handsome… the toast of society, an eligible bachelor falls deeply in love with a pretty prostitute… no college education, no class, no money, the bottom of the social class.
Annie… Daddy Roberts, the unmarried billionaire, falls in love with his beautiful secretary Miss Grace.
Voice in the wind… Marcus, the wealthy Roman elite falls in love with his family’s plain looking Jewish slave.
Cinderella… The handsome prince, falls in love with the poor, maltreated orphan girl, and puts the kingdom at a standstill as he went in search for his one true love.
Ruth and Boaz… ahhhh Boaz! Wealthy, kind and probably handsome Boaz and poor poor beautiful Ruth, scraping for food, gleaning on his field. What a story, what a love. Excuse me as I swoon for a minute thinking about them.
Esther and the King... The plain Jewish girl who caught the attention of the great king.

I was thinking about it recently and I realized… wait, that’s really my story. I’m drawn to these love stories of love beyond the social classes because I see me in them.
Well, that’s the salvation story isn’t it?
I am the low life, the lower class, and the out dog. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, the one with no glory (fame, grandeur, dignity, riches etc) and He is the eligible, wealthy, handsome elite who falls in love with me. He is the King of kings…. He is the Lord of lords. He is the Messiah… He is the Holy one and He’s so in love with me. He fell so hard, He did all He could to get me, even if it meant giving up the treasure of His kingdom to win my heart and bring me to the same status as Him…, which it came down to… He gave Jesus for me.
Such a ploy to woo me, make me acceptable and qualify me to sit on the throne of His kingdom, equal to Him (for ye are gods) and now He calls me His bride, His princess, against the better judgment of anyone who would have anything to say about it.
Why would you stoop so low for this one? When You could have anyone You want? But He did it still… the power of His love. So powerful that He died for us, He made the perfect sacrifice for us, to prove just how true, how real, how unshakeable, how priceless this love is.
The perfect love story… Called out of darkness (the lower class/low life) into His marvelous light (the high life/top of the social class chain/the privileged class).
In pretty woman and all those stories, the wardrobe of the ladies had to change to reflect their new status. The shopping on rodeo drive, the beautiful jewelry… so exciting. So does God want me to reflect His glory, that the world will know He’s taking care of His pretty little bride, thus now I have ALL, for He has blessed me with all spiritual blessings in the heavens (His kingdom) and He has given me authority over all the powers of the enemy (I wear His signet ring the blood of Jesus/His name) and I carry His love child in the womb of my Spirit (the Holy Spirit) and I’m birthing great fruits for the glory of my love!

Isn’t it awesome? Stuff that goes deeper than the fairytales.


  1. The story of God's love towards humanity is nothing short of beautiful. And like you, I see it umpteen times in the movie screens.

  2. Kai...unfathomable kind of love...beautiful beyond description yet this piece has done some justice to describing this love. Thanks for sharing. Well done.

  3. Yass! Becos of our new status,everything else must change.mind.spirit.soul and body.sth to reflect on


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