Incense Lagos... The Invite: A Worship Experience... An Audience of One.

Incense is in Lagos this weekend guys and I would love you to be a part of it. The Blueprint church has so graciously offered to host us, and I’m so so excited.
It's a love revolution! More than a worship experience. It's an encounter that lifts to new dimensions and breaks barriers. Worship... A phenomenon that's best lived than described. 

We can only get to the Spirit and truth kind of worship when we understand just how loved we are by God... In that understanding we respond to Him and love on Him even when the rents long overdue or we've built our own estates. Our worship wouldn't be based on what's happening around us but on what's happening within us.

Incense is about stirring the truth of that love in our hearts and bringing us to the place of unadulterated worship.
Excited about Incense Lagos this Sunday. 4.30pm at golden tulip hotel Festac! (Beside Shoprite)

We have a team of anointed ministers who’ll be helping us release our worship. Trust me... You don't want to miss it. I'm so thankful God chooses to use me for this when He could have anyone.

See you on Sunday.


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