Save Yourself The Heartache...

God uses men to bless people, but don’t mistake these men as your source or your God, else when that brook dries up, and the ravens stop bringing you food(Ref Elijah in 1 Kings 17) you’ll be of all men most miserable, and then ingratitude finds expression in you as you begin to curse the man who once helped you.

Suddenly you feel entitled to the good will they show you. Suddenly they are mean when they don’t give you what they used to as often as they did.

Remember, God is the source, and he led you to the brook of that person who acted as a help to you, and caused the ravens in the form of these people to feed you and your projects. If it dries up, and the ravens no longer drop something as we say in Nigeria, then it’s because God needs you to move on. There’s a mighty supply somewhere else, there’s more than the comfort of that supply can give you. And that mighty supply may be in form of a widow with nothing… more like a downgrade from what you were used to. But a greater story came out from Elijah meeting the widow, she had an abundance, because it was him being the helper now, instead of being helped by ravens, and when she prospered through his help, he certainly must have partook in the largess of it all. Don’t remain in a dried up brook in self-pity. Don’t hang on wrongly to one who isn’t helping you as they used to, and then cursing out the place/person that once blessed you to who ever will listen or read your social media post. I don’t mean you should abandon them. Honor them always, honor them like they still do you like they used to, but don’t sit sulking, expecting them to do like they used to.

When you don’t realize this, it’s easy to become ungrateful and rise up the dust of offense. You suddenly forget all the years a person has helped you, stood by you etc and use the fact that they chose not to help you in a moment (with genuine or fake reasons) to judge them.

I’ve been taught that no one owes me anything in life. Not even my family! It’s a tough lesson to learn, but in it, I don’t set myself up for disappointments. If they choose to give to me, pray for me, stand up for me… praise God! If not praise God! (even as painful and annoying as it may seem) And I don’t pray for them and stand for them as a give-and-take... but because my heart and love for them wills it.
Of course the first response of the human nature is to rebel against this, especially if you’ve been of help numerous times to the person who refuses to help you… but it’s a conscious effort to shrug it off and continue like its nothing.

Don’t feel entitled to another’s resources, that’s evil!
Even if you’ve done them good... God is the one who rewards good, and He may do that through another.
If they promise to help you out with the contract... praise God. If you go there and they decide they don’t want to anymore... pray about it just Incase some devil is spiking their ‘kindness juice’, but if they don’t move on and stop begrudging them
That way you don’t set yourself up for continual disappointments.


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