The Path I Tread...

I would tell you how old I will be on the 6th of July, but I really am not sure. I would have to count the years on my fingers to do that, and I truly, honestly have no time for that. I could go back to last years birthday post to confirm the age… but I need not worry for too long, the calls coming will surely have a couple of people reminding me and making a jest about age.

A life of service. Sometimes you don’t grow up with this picture… you grow up with the picture of you saving the world and just being this superhero with wings of cash, swooping in and out of deals and walking into boardrooms and being the badass board room villain or hero (depending on how the coin ins looked at) the world looks up to.

And then you find yourself on that path. You start to make money, at a young age, you start to actually see the reality of your world domination taking shape… you’re in the place where the thought of waking up early on Sunday when you haven’t had enough sleep all week sends you back to sleep because you cant be bothered with church. You’re networking with the right people and hearing about the right deals, that if it goes through gives you more right of passage to living the dream.

Then it all changes, its like a gradual slope, a gradual undress of perception and a redress of the mind, a redirection… the dreams are not changed…  they are bigger. The picture is still saving the world and being a superhero, but with something worth more than money… the Spirit of God. Its still about swooping in but this time, you bring the love of God and invest in souls… its more profitable than the stock market.

People assume the life of ministry is a lazy life… but it isn’t. There’s so much investment, so much exertion of the soul outside the physical demands and the organization and planning that goes into it.
It’s a life of sacrifice… denying yourself to see others blessed, but it’s a life worth it and rewarding. Not everyone is called to do this… Not everyone understands my stance in this. But I am not accountable to everyone, and the one I am accountable to pays big… both physically and spiritually.

I heard Keith Moore say that your value of a thing is shown in how you treat it, how you talk about it. I value the anointing of God upon my life. Even though I find myself asking questions sometimes. How did I get here? Sometimes I get distracted enough to want my life of service to be in boardrooms etc.

I value this path I have been led to tread. I value the faithfulness of God seeing me through and blessing me in the midst of it all. I value the manifestation of the Spirit of God in my life. I value the love of God and the rest I find in it.


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