On Perfumes And The Gift Of Grace...

Perfumes!!! When it belongs to another it’s fun to spray with no barriers until you choke the world with the smell.
i.e ‘testing’ perfumes in duty free. Or using your friends favorite perfume.

But your favorite scent? Sparingly! You use the others with no inhibition, except the ace of your collection.
(I can't be ‘wasting’ Chanel ... Do you know what the exchange rate is? 😄)

God knows how we can get selfish, that’s why I’m thankful for His ingenuity in not allowing us to be dependent on ourselves for salvation, not our own sacrifice or atonement... but on His perfect sacrifice and atonement that cost more than we can ever afford.  So we can use and use of His grace, share and distribute abundantly without fear of diminishing it. He is not complaining!

If He didn’t make it this way, God help anybody we see as unqualified, we wouldn’t waste our precious hard earned grace on them, the prisons wouldn’t get a whiff of what it is to receive grace and mercy, and prostitutes are just hopeless in our sight. •
I love my space, and I’m not exactly nice all the time, but grace has helped me to be kind to people, accommodating (sometimes) and show love even when I don’t want to and forgive when it feels hard, even if I keep my distance after. 
I am being taught not to spray sparingly of what i have received. 
Thank God for mercy! 

We’re living in and on His grace and love... take advantage, spray it not sparingly, after all it’s not yours and you didn’t buy it, it was placed on the dresser for you to use freely... it’s awoof and this awoof no dey Run belle. Be so engulfed in it that wherever you go, people know you’re around, or you were there... take over, make impact, shine, conquer and rise in it!

“God saved you through faith as an act of kindness. You had nothing to do with it. Being saved is a gift from God. It’s not the result of anything you’ve done, so no one can brag about it.”
Ephesians 2:8-9 GW 

When it comes to salvation, we have no bragging right! We should be humble enough to spread grace! 

Imagine grace gushing out as you walk like my niece Mimi depicts in the midst of the water fountain. Better still, imagine how Gods grace continuously gushes out for you, how youdaily walk in the midst of His fountain of Love that never runs dry. That’s how we can be a A channel for grace to gush through to others, by being away of the free gift you have unlimited access to and opening yourself up to receive and distribute.


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