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In todays world where university girls fight over married men and air dirty, and i mean filthy laundry on twitter... where what you wear to class is more important than what you learn, a world where school is more of a brothel than a place of knowledge, where owning a blackberry beats paying for handouts... A few people still stand out, making a difference, bringing back sanity and hope that all is not lost with our young ladies... There's a bigger picture, much bigger than the bad that's thrust in our face.
Raquel Lily Jacobs

Miss Raquel Anuoluwapo Jacobs is one of the faces of change and sanity. This beautiful 24 year old lady from Kaduna State is a 2nd year student of University of Lagos. She is the founder of 'Beyond the classroom foundation'. 

BTC is an organization geared towards the development of young girls in the society. "A world full of girls and women who are not afraid to raise their voice, confident, who embrace the belief that they can achieve anything and consistently exceed their expectations. Who would love God and  function effectively everywhere they go." With a vision statement like this, whats not to love about her :) Presently BTC has two initiatives running.
  • The girl initiative… which I'm so in love with. It's focused on educating girls about societal and moral ills, health issues,spiritual and self development issues ranging from self-esteem to HIV/AIDS to sexuality to Etiquette/Grooming and everything in-between. Catching them while they are young and raising their awareness, so basically they grow up knowing ‘whats up’ and don’t end up making stupid mistakes like those before them. Contact if you would love to be a facilitator, give talks to the girls and help change a life.
  • Project red robot: now this one got me shocked. Have I been so sheltered that I take little things for granted? There really are girls out there, who can't afford sanitary pads. Like seriously? This initiative is all about providing sanitary-towels to girls who cannot afford it. I was shocked when she told me some girls use old raggish clothes as pads and wash to reuse since they can't afford proper protection. This puts them at a high risk of getting cervical cancer and other infections. We really are blessed beyond measure... little everyday things are worth something much more than we can imagine to others. For more info on this visit
I was going to put up an account number to get all the wonderful people who come here to donate and be a part of this wonderful thing Raquel is doing, but she wouldn't have it. Apparently she isn't done with the whole registration process thus doesn't have an account in the foundation name, thus she feels it'd be improper to put up her personal details(which i think is noble of her). So if you feel like you want to donate, click on the links and contact her.

Shes an inspiration, she's challenged me and I hope everyone of us reading this to stand up and do the best we can, it doesn’t matter where we are in life, or how young we are… finance, age, and location shouldn't stop us from doing the good we can.
In the midst of all the craziness and decay in the society, we still have people giving us hope that tomorrow indeed will be a good day for the next generation. All hope is not lost. Thank God for that. And thank God for girls like Raquel who refuse to conform to their peers, girls who choose to stand when it seems cool that everyone is falling.


  1. lord bless her!!!!!

  2. So proud of her...she looks beyound herself.

  3. So proud of her...she looks beyound herself.

  4. I always like it when I see people stand out in the face of opposition

  5. She's doing a great job, and all the best to her.

    On the second project, just wanted to point out that reusing rags is actually natural and more environmentally friendly. The initiative to provide pads is good, but could go hand in hand with education on sanitation for those who may choose to continue using rags.


  7. this post is like a breath of fresh air :)


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