35... Birthday and Thank-day.

I’m 35 today.

I have been so overwhelmed. The calls and the messages… some messages, extra special, those words, I have carefully copied word for word into my journal… because words are life, and those words, from the mouth of those ones spoke life. They spoke joy, peace and so much more.

It’s been humbling. I mean, people always say nice things about me. I’m used to it… maybe that’s why it bites extra when I hear not so nice things or lies. But the things I heard today, the testimonies of inspiring people… I don’t know. Of being a blessing… I don’t know. I cried. Because I don’t know how it is they say I’m all these things. All I do seem normal, seem ordinary, like what anyone would do… I’m being myself… and in being myself, God has made It mean something. Showing up as my ordinary self, in His extraordinary grace.

I had a funny moment today. My sister ordered a cake for me. And we had a what I ordered vs what I received moment. It was so funny… but I didn’t stress, because I had a cake, and I had my family with me, even those far off. 

Have I said how thankful I am already? I was writing in my journal yester and started to say “ if I had ten thousand tongues…” and then I laughed out loud, thinking how God must feel when we say that to Him… because sometimes we don’t know what we’re saying, and even with the one tongue… we don’t utilize it enough in giving thanks. 

All I can say is, God has been good to me, and His mercy endures forever in my life. God is faithful and God’s perfect peace rules my heart in this glorious year.

Hello 35… let’s do this!


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