Are You Happy?

Are you happy?

Someone asked me this question today. Randomly pulled it out of the hat… and threw it at me. Like I have been putting up some form of façade. Like my life must not be in perfect form, because, as much as I have somethings together… somethings haven’t fallen in place. 
I mean, he didn’t come out to say anything of these, and he probably wasn't even thinking that… but I believe a lot of people think these thoughts and wonder if I'm truly happy, if I'm truly enjoying my life. 

Not married, don’t have kids… she must be unhappy, it doesn’t matter what’s going for her... as long as those two are not ticked... then she must be a sad sad woman! (Wow, I just called myself a woman and It feels weird. I should say a sad sad girl... more like it)

Before I even respond to this in the flesh, I’ll respond in the Spirit… “What bliss we experience when these blessings fall! The people who love and serve our God will be happy indeed!”
Psalm 144:15

I am happy indeed. 

This is a reason to be happy… Jehovah is my God. He loves me, and I in turn respond to His love by loving and serving Him.

Now back to the flesh.

I had to think about it.

Am I happy? Or am I putting up a front?

Final answer is... *drumroll*... I am happy. I really am.

Do I face oppositions and come across problems?

Of course, I do.

But they don’t determine the joy in my heart. Because I have learned to set my heart on things above. I mean, I could do with a trip to London right now… but I’m fine, I'm not depressed about a hundred things I could pull out of the bag right now. My happiness is not tied to my possessions. I am as fine today as I was on days when I had no money.

Like Paul, I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.” Philippians 4:12(NIV)

I will be as fine today, as I will be on days I tick off things on my list. 

I find my joy in being in Christ. With joy, I draw from the wells of salvation. I am a happy girl… because God is my God. He has redeemed me, made me whole and given me purpose and reason to be.

I am not putting up a front. 


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