Boundless Love...



The ability of the human heart to stretch in love is so unfathomable. 

A new child comes into the family/my life and I panic that I have poured out all my love on the last. It just can’t contain another... I just may not give as much of myself as I did with the last.


And then even before he comes, I’m anticipating. I’m praying and I’m excited.

Then the child comes, and my heart stretches with even more love... it should be exhausting, but it’s not. 


It’s so exhilarating! Satisfying. So full!


A new baby just got added to my basket of favourite kids, my absolutely adorable nephew. As much as I am consumed with him, and thinking of leaving work to go straight to hold him. I’m still video calling the last baby before him, my 1yr old cousin and talking gibberish with him, and still calling my nieces and being pumped about the idea of them. I remember my nieces at different times tell me that they were scared that when I got married and had my kids, I would love them less. I assured them that they were wrong.


Thank God for the capacity He’s given us to love... as He is, so are we. We may struggle with our human nature to cross hurdles in love but we have the capacity to love as He loves. Not just our babies, family and friends, even when it’s hard to sometimes, but everyone. Love your enemies 😭

Oh, I’m still reseating exams on this but we will pass I promise. 


I remember watching a video of bandits/terrorist flogging a Nigerian man. I had tears rolling down my cheeks. Then a thought formed in my heart… “what if he’s a mean man in real life?” and then I started imagining that one or two people who were in my naughty books would be good for that flogging, and everything in me revolted against that thought. It doesn’t matter how naughty or mean, my heart just couldn’t take it that they go through that. You can’t in your right mind wish hell on people. Some people are deserving, but gosh! 


For God so loved the world! The heart of the Father... stretched to eternity in love, well and able to accommodate each and every one of us with unique intensity and oh, God loves me special... I am so consumed in my conviction about this, that I’m not looking at how He loves you to determine how He loves me. Sometimes, it’s almost arrogant, that if there’s something good happening in the room to one person, I expect it to be me. But I don’t doubt His love even if I don’t win or get it. 


There’s no doubt really. I’ve had experiences in life... but it’s never made me doubt! Oh how can I doubt this love? 


Enough about me, how can you doubt? How can you doubt this love? It’s overwhelming. Nothing can separate you from it, not even your mistakes, it’s steadfast. 


I’m one of the toughest girls I know with the softest hearts... I cry sometimes when I watch movies, or write stories or read books. But mostly I cry when I think about the love of God... or talk about it, or write about it, like now. I’m unashamedly his baby girl and I would cry in the face of love always because words can’t express what the heart feels... how my heart feels when it lives and stands face to face with love. Wow


“Though we are many, yet You’re engaging us


We have a Father who’s capable of reaching us


As Faces are Different – Dunsin Oyekan


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