The Love Collision...

Love has merged itself with this fragile but hard heart. Its gentle touch has broken it down and something stronger has emerged.

This collision of love and rebellion has weaved a story of grace so beautiful, so romantic. 

A blistering heat from head to toes, and heartbeats that feel like a storm is raging.

Unchartered territories are taken,

Undreamed dreams are lived.

Love has taken a different twist… its beyond the fairy tales and empty words

Oh, its not about empty words… its about words of power like

“I have loved you with an everlasting love” Jer 31:3

Love forever… I expect love love more love.

I will answer even before you call on me

I came to give a rich and satisfying life

I am your ever-present help… no bathroom breaks. Ever present.

I delight over you with singing

It’s no longer empty whispers in the dead of the night.

It’s a still small voice that is louder than a thousand thunders

Words that quickens the heart to live and to conquer… 

Love conquers all right?

Love has caused me to be weak in my knees by its power.

It’s brought me to my knee just knowing it exist… just being in its atmosphere

Love has given my heart words… words that have no sound, words that can only be expressed with arms outstretched, knees shaking and eventually giving way, laying prostrate in awe… Worship!

Love has given me a bloody cover…

Its mercy is a salve over my flaws… love sees me through the looking glass of perfection

Love has covered my ugliness with beauty

My weakness with strength

My foolishness with wisdom

My darkness with light

My filth with its righteousness

My restlessness with its gentle rest... I lay down in green pastures

It’s holding my hands, as we stroll beside still waters… no hustle, comfortable silence.

Love has covered me.

I am bold… bold as a lion. Love has made me brave, for this perfect love has cast out every fear.

Today I celebrate love in its rawest form, 

Love, which has bent down and picked me up. Reached out into the mud and brought out this being and has patiently, diligently cleaned and remolded me, made me whole and made me better, perfecting me with each breath I take.

Love that is life. 

Love has kissed me and I have no choice but to tell.

As He is, so am I… thus I am love.

Love will never leave or forsake me… peas in a pod!

I am the word made flesh. I am love made flesh… I am love. 

I am kind, I am patient, I do not envy, and I do not boast, I am not proud, I do not dishonor others

I am not self-seeking, I am not easily angered, and I keep no record of wrongs… I do not delight in evil but rejoice with the truth. I always protect, always trust, always hope, always persevere… love never fails.

I am one with love and love is one with me. Intertwined with its beauty 

Illuminated with it’s light.



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