matter how grown up we become, we always cling to some childhood attitudes we just cant live without(or don't want to live without) because hey!its fun, and damn the adult population who see it as might be too childish and gross to be coolly adults, but i don't care about keeping it all locked up...i've got a couple of guilty pleasures and more....laugh all you want, but i'm only human baby!...

dunking...don't you just love deeping your bread into a nicely made cup of tea, or oreos in coffee...uhm... the absolute pleasure it is, unfortunately, they say its not good table manners...i still love doing it in private though.

ceralac..uhm...omigosh! babies already have it good, they've got enough attention to themselves,they don't even have to clean their own arse...its only fair that i can take pleasure in their food( dont cluck your tongue at me, i know lots of others who are closet cerealac takers)
shh...spice girls! every boy every girl/spice up your life/ah..slam it to the left/if youre having a good time/shake it to right/if you know you feel fine/chikas to the front/....yes, i still watch their videos and dance to them to, i know every song by heart and those i don't i search the net for...sue me, but they helped spice up my life before...whoelse could make me scream "girl power" out loud.

my walt disney crew mousexecise album(i know this is extreme) but i just love hearing donald ducks voice sing the duckdance and the bugaboo team too...i've even got it on my ipod playlist.
fairytales...enid blyton and her books, from stories with ladders reaching up to clouds that have birthday lands and all, to famous five, i love the grimms fairy tales...i still read em all, and savour in the goodness of fairies and some gnomes, and happily everafters, they give me closure in this life of uncertainty, taking me back to childood days of life so uncomplicated and filled with dreams.

indian movies...excuse me, i limit myself to the oldies...burning train, daram ver, nagi and co...the singing(despite the headache i get after a tiring butt aching three hours of watching) and dancing around beautifully lawned gardens with beautiful girls and handsome guys in love is such a comic relief...if love was so uncomplicated, all you have to do is look for a beautiful garden or park to dance, sing, play tag and roll around under sprinklers to show you're in love...
bouncing castles(no comment here)
dancing and singing in front of my mirror, believe me i'm the next best thing to shakira when i do this.

playing the FLAME game, with my name and my crush's name to see if he'll be a friend, lover, admirer,married,or engaged...yeah its fun though.
Facebook, as much as you feel you're getting to old for this, i just cant help it, i close my page as soon as someone comes close enough...but hey, to hell with em FB is the place to be, it disolves boredom(even when i'm so busy) and its ...well its FB

city people! yes oh, naijas very own gossip magazine... all of u rolling eyes, don't lie, you're one of those who wear sunglasses, a trench coat and hat, dressed like an undercover cop, just so no one sees you buying city people....i admit i read it, i use my very precious hundred and fifty bucks to buy, just for the fun of it, the whole shallowness n stuff is hilarious...

i could go on, but i've embarrassed myself enough. c ya!


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