RUNS...To do or not to do?

the joy(not) of runs! now thats something thats alarmingly rampant, you can't help but the absolute 'do' among chics around, the fashionable 'it'...a fad so unfabulous its almost sinful not to parttake
even the sixteen year olds are such devoted followers of this trend....who wants to be left behind.
you're still stuck at what 'runs' is?, jeez, where have you been...i don't have a definite definition but in a lay mans language, sleeping with older guys(rich or not as long as they provide for you) aka aristos, which in other words is glorified prostitution...but thats a word soo crude for them, and so they decied to feel better about themselves by calling it runs.

whats the reason for all this talk...oh yes i remember, so i was in abuja yesterday(no, i'm not a runs girl, didnt go to see any senator or aristo) at ceedi plaza(a not so elegant version of the palms),and i saw my one time school buddy step out of a 2007 model toyota camry,dripping from head to toe in designer wears...a tug of jealousy so overwhelming hit me, i tried hard not to show my resentment that she has it overly good, but it didnt last for long as laila my other friend filled me in with details of her life, the nightly hunts at hilton for randy old men and white ones too, the senators and co.... i sighed in relief, there i was thinking i was such a failure in life......don't blame me, its scary seeing one so young, as young as you are with so much achievements to flaunt when you're still trying hard to make a difference.sort of like having all your mates get into uni while you're still home waiting for admission.

i made up my mind never to envy anyone ever again for their material things if i don't have a clear idea of where the source of the overflowing milk and honey is from. i won't envy you for carrying the latest vuiton while i still struggle with last two seasons design, i won't envy for driving a much sleeker, faster car than mine, i'll move out of the way so you can overtake in your 2007 camry, toureg,ml or whatever(damn but they do have it good),i wouldnt blink twice if the rock on your ear drips down to your feet, while i spot a tiny dot on my ear. i wouldnt envy you when you show up at those dinners with haute couture vintage designer wears or in the latest tiffany amber designs ,while i'm decked in a humble ready to wear high street gear..., i wont because i honestly wouldnt be able to do what you do to get what you flaunt in my face....some go as far as making pacts with the devil by visiting native doctors to lure men or keep them providing.its so funny because, we cant limit the whole runs fad to the poor, i know a lot of rich girls who indulge.

just last week,a wealthy and way older toaster, whos been on my case for years now, (don't know if its the thrill of the chase or what, he won't just leave me alone) called me and made me an offer that was so hard to resist,even pleaded to hold up my trip till he sees me, he'd give me money for return ticket, shopping and its difficult being a goody two shoes.temptation was calling my name so loudly i almost answered "'i'm right here" but i think something slapped me hard in the head for even considering for one second, that maybe it won't hurt to indulge just head kept screaming at me, telling me that i'd be a stereotype girl.i kept dreaming how nice it would be to upgrade my ticket to first class, to shop at harrods without blinking twice at prices like i was doing grocery shopping at tesco....but would i just throw my values away for new pairs of jimmy choos? would i sell my soul for a little bit more comfort? i'm being provided for with as much as i need to be content, anything else i look for by indulging in runs would only be greed or madness.

almost every girl i know is doing it, but the money goes as easily and quickly as it comes, the only thing you're left with is your conscience, your guilt, your memories and you'll just keep hating yourself when you realize what it is you have done. even if no one knows, you know, and thats the only thing that matters cos the self is the worst critic ever.


  1. too many ashewos in dat lagos sef. the men are bad and the women well....they encourage it

  2. Haba...@Jaguda is it only in Lag? They are everywhere ooo!

    Well, People see things differently, and I will rather wear my unbranded clothes than be a "Kept" person.


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