sleeping three nights straight without an alarm definately spells trouble on the fourth...i mean it was pure bliss till i had to sleep on monday night, thought the whole jolly good life would continue and busted the alarm got it right, late for work, and the rain?...very late for work. i proceeded to have a lousy day, some annoying dude decieded he could tell the sort of person i was cos i was wearing an anklet...forget that one...i fume just playing back the conversation
my weekend was loveeely, except for the friday night cramps. i loved wearing my shorts and jeans and tees three days was bliss... having to forgo those stuffy office wears.
i've never been more excited about independence day as i was, not even in secondary school where it was a chance to excape the walls of my boarding school to eagles square to (very embarrased here) match and salute our dear president...this is so much work on monday.
sunday was beautiful, i had a date that i didnt back out from, it was worth it, i had a nice time, i laughed and i got to dress up...and i did so prettily, i felt all grown up and pretty in my black lil' number...even indulged in a little vanity by taking pictures and posting em' here(it felt sinful not doing so)' i guess i'll get over the feelin soon and delete the little spoof of vanity. i'm not a dancer, more of a bedroom dancer(hush your dirty thoughts, we aint talking strip dancing here)but i danced the night away (or maybe the wine did it for me) and it felt good....and even better knowing i wasnt going to be pressured for a goodnight kiss at the end of the night or end up fighting off a groper and taking a cab home

hope y'all had a wonderful holiday! over the showing off phase...couldnt get around posting any pics...maybe i overated my bad!


  1. Hey girl, thanx for stopping by my blog. Yeah shes 60 alright and all grown up too. Your mum gonna be 60 this month too? cool! Had a great holiday too, i can see you're from Benue State and you're Idoma to be precise. Makes the two of us. Have a great day.

  2. Yu Idoma peeps are real close on blogsville. I think you've been getting comments like supergirl's here. No one has ever hailed the fact that I'm Igbo :-(.

    Wat does the anklet wearing signify??? Lemme know yur side and the "annoying dude"'s side as well. I need a laugh or two.

    Pictures??? I see no pictures here. Where are the pictures??? Post them. Let us decide whether the looks are overrated.

  3. @supergirl..thanx...nice to know we idomas r repping here

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. big head..uh, just say u want to see how i look and i'll send u a blown up copy, except u'll notice i have a bigger head than'
    u should become idoma, or get married to an idoma chic(we fine oh) and we'll show u some brotherly love...
    about the anklet...i've worn one since i was in secondary school(found a way round d contraband), its sort of like a culture to me, like others who wear a nose ring(as in hausa peeps)...i hardly take mine out, i've even blogged about a day not wearing an anklet in my yahoo360 blog, i can do without wearing earrings in a day, but i feel naked without my anklet...and the guuy...well he says it tells who i in a prostitute or a loose girl(after saying he used to think i was perfect untill he noticed my leg...what was he doing looking at my legs self and he calls himself a born again)...d annoying part was after all the arguements he had d guts to tell me to help him market his banks shares cos of their targets(u knw aspa prostititue...idiot like him)....

    chei, chineke...bros(...i have a connection to the east so we can be real close too....) u've made me blog on my comments..c ya

  6. Okay, I want to know more about you anklet incident? Come on, share....

  7. @ SOLOMONSYDELLE, uhm, i guess i'll have to blog about the anklet...kind of making this guy popular..

  8. You are idoma???????????????????????///

    Hey see my sis....

  9. plus super girlie too...hmmm adding u 2 to my fav bloggers...

  10. @afrobabe heyyyyy, where r we all crawling out from, coming out of the closets yeah?...abeg jo lets keep repping my sisters, e no easy oh...


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