when milkshakes go sour...

whenever i decide to sit still and blog about breast cancer, i somehow always push it aside,but i would today,not because i have the time, but because i have to. its a painful subject, and i'm sure one way or the other its affected us or we know of someone who's battling against it, fighting for survival.

October is the month put aside to raise awareness on breast cancer, i think we all need the awareness because lots of us are still in the dark, we see it as something that happens to other people, forgetting that we are also the other people and so it can happen to us, even the men...yeap,y'all dudes out there saying its a female thingy, better think twice cos it affects guys too. it could be genetic, statistics show that african american women have a higher risk factor,so i guess that means we full blooded africans too. unfortunately we in africa/naija are at a disadvantage, with the health systems being in shambles we hardly care about going in for regular checkups,i dont think any doctor has ever suggested to me to have a mammograms or asked if i do the self examination thingy(cos they just dont care, untill we tell them theres a lump..God forbid though). its also genetic, we hardly know our ancestors talkless of their health history, so we cant answer questions to acertain if we are at risk or not.

a close friends lost her mom to breast cancer, it was a horrible experience, but i've never seen such courage from kids so young, i watched as she and her brothers cheered themselves up in that horrid period, i watched as they said goodbye to their mom every time she set off for london for her treatment, never knowing if that was the last time they'd see her, i watched as they lived in hope for years, thinking it was finally gone when it went on remission, i watched as they comforted their mom after she had a mastectomy, and her boys would lovingly dress and bandage the place that was once a breast that nurtured them, and i watched as she left home for the last time, back to uk...i watched as she was buried, and i knew life sucked, because she was a good woman and a wonderful mother. a strong woman who didn't let cancer get her without a fight, and thats why she lived six years after she was diagnosed, she fought with her last strength.

two weeks after my friends mom was buried, my moms best friend died of breast cancer, maybe she could have lived if she was diagnosed early...maybe. i've lost two dear people to this disease that sucks and that sucks because they turned out to be the other people i thought it happened to except they were my people.
Dr. olufunmilayo olapade of universty of chicago is one of the leading dr's taking charge of the battle against breast cancer, i'm proud shes a nigerian and fighting for a good cause.
i'll don my pink ribbon this month and be a pink lady in this battle for life, i'll help spread the word cos we all should choose life and the only way to do that is be watchful and alert with our bodies...so girls n fellas, please do yourselves a favor and check those milkshakes of urs(by milkshake,i refer to the ladies of course, u guys can check the dots on ur chest)....lets not let our milkshakes get sour...keep it pink y'all.


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  2. already checking out your website.

  3. I am so sorry.

    Breast cancer should be talked about a lot more.....


  4. I know 2 people suffering from it right now. I hope they win. Can early diagnosis cure it?

  5. @pamelastitch, thans and yes it should be talked about more
    @bighead, hope they win too, and yes early diagnoses does make a big difference...maybe it may not cure but it gives a better chance for surviving.(ahem...r ur boobs as big as ur head? r u worried...lol')

  6. Me? Boobs? God gave my share to my (future) wife *wink*

  7. i can imagine how u've been praying and fasting about that....

  8. Unlike many guys I know, I'm not crazy about those in a gurl. The most important thing is that she's brilliant and fine. Then moral. Everything else can be overlooked. Oops! Seems I just put out an advert. Know any possible candidates?

  9. biggie, are u asking me to matchmaking for u? becareful what u wish 4 u just might get it.


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