59 hearty cheers for my supermom

59 hearty cheers to a woman of great value, a woman who is strong and successful, a woman whos sacrificed alot for her children, who's given up so much to give us all the comfort she feels we ought to have. a woman who stays strong in her weakest moments, who keeps walking even when the road seems like a deadend...i'm so proud of her and excited that shes come this far....
shes achieved a lot in life and made a difference on grounds she has trended, she is my(our) life support,she stands tall among her peers and in her society and i intend to stand on her shoulders, on the foundation she has built to attain higher grounds in life.
i love my mom to death, shes the next best thing to being a perfect supermom, the best granma, the most wonderful mother-in- law(for all you suitors).... shes my all in all(whatever i say, of course God always comes first), my source of inspiration, my woman of substance, my friend, my joy, my defination of unadulterated love......mama, loving you is like food to my soul... i love you.

mom is like no other.
she is one of a rare kind
An enchanting beauty,and a rare find.
a special person,my superhero
without her loving care or even her scolds and disapprovals
my life would be zero.
i'm thankful for all the love she has shown
When she is around I never feel alone.
for all the things she has done and sacrifices she has made,
i'm thankful
She brings joy to my life, and so much laughter
i can't measure the depths of my love for her
in so many ways shes been an inspiration
She is the joy in my life,the fountain where all my fears are washed
When she is around, I am never sad.
I am so glad she is my Mother
she is the wind beneath my wings
the force that pushes me to soar beyond the skies
I could never say enough of how much i love her...
on on her special day, this is my wish for her
laughter and joy
success and enchantement
Gods peace and fufillment
his love and goodness
all the days of her life which shall be long and prosperous...


  1. Wow, my 3rd first today, Is it my birthday? :)

  2. Great tribute to a deserving woman...

  3. huh...r we talking, mind numbing boredom here? the type that sends u blog stalking...lol'...

  4. Happy Birthday Supermom. Now that makes two of them


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