30 Days of thankfulness - Day 23

i was tagged by ejura
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i'm thankful

to God for his grace and mercy and blessings despite myself...

for my family, for mom who is the ultimate woman of substance, my bros and sis who are princes and princesses of a kind, my nieces who have brought sunshine into our lifes...

for each new day that passes, cos as each night kisses the day goodbye i get closer to understanding who i am, closer to stop questioning what i am about, and accepting that i am a creature unlike any other and this is not my curse as i see it but a blessing.

for coffee and oreos and icecream, caramel, plantain, cerealac and fried yam...without them i wouldnt make the uhmmmmmm sound so often...

for music, for they soothe, they energize, and they just make everything seem alright.for frank sinatra, john legend and neyo's unique sound that makes me all warm and tingly when i lie in my bed at night, where would i be without the thrills of hearing micheal jackson beat it,or katie melua and amy winehouse and .......

that i can skip a meal or two just because i feel like and not because i dont have any and that i can say 'i've got it all'...well sort of, most of the things i still wish for are mostly out of greed.

for greys anatomy...all those mcsteamys and mcdreamys

for pens and papers, even though i'm not a master of the craft of writing, my life would have been impossible if i couldnt jot my thots down no matter how plain they might be in my lil' but imposing glittery book and my...

for books, they are first class tickets to my journey of imaginations and fantasies, they've opened me up to explore worlds unknown,showed me world in colours so bright and beautiful

i'm thankful for much more, more than i can ever say, for all my senses and for every hair on my body, for every disappiontments i've faced, for i've come to realise they are bigger blessings in disguise, for success, for closure, for protection.....for the rains and the sun, for the birds and the trees....i think i'll just sum it all up to this THANK YOU JESUS!!!!

i'm tagging supergirl, bighead


  1. mcDreamy & mcStreamy abi... hmmm.. am thankful for you :-D

  2. lol...i don't know how i just ended up losing sha...i cut down on my sugar intake cos that was what was making me real big....i only noticed that I had lost a lot of weight when i compared both picture..i was like WOW...i have decreased..

    thanks for stopping by...nice blog u have here

  3. Hi dear..
    I'm a bit of a dunce. How much more time do i have to reply the Tag..
    A month?

    How are you.
    Lovely post.
    I sense a grey anatomy fan...
    Oh lord.
    Not another one!!


  4. addedum: I'm thankful for bighead and the fact that he agreed to guard me for free so I don't have to be looking behind my back again.

  5. @scomiss...thanks! well good for u then, u look good both ways tho...

    @carlang hey, greys rocks, so definately another one, u could pick a Mc if u want, maybe it'd make u feel better to be recognised as one *wink*

    @bighead...aburo like u

  6. Hi Queen, i can see you have a lot to be thankful for including fried yam. Well done oh! Thank God for you. Takia


    sorry for caps. lol!


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