fantasy queen...8 weird things!!!!

i got tagged by olamild...shoot, now i have to admit i'm a serial killer !!!
where do i start from, cos i'm sure i'm pretty normal, wish i could say i turn into a butterfly anytime i'm kissed or my kisses turn frogs to princes or my nose grows long when i lie,but i'm only human so here are eight weird things(if i figure i cant find up to eight then i'd just have to remix the earlier weirds...although i'm sure theres nothing weird about me..

1.body: I'm a cold blooded animal...its weird? no matter how hot the weather is my feet and palms are always almost ice cold,i love it but makes it difficult for holding hand in cold weather. it comes to food....i come from a family where of semi explorers...
me...i'm a friend yam/plantain chic, all year round. sometimes i go days without food, just drinks. i'm a sucker for baby food....could live on cerealac for weeks.

3.looks: my look is my greatest insecurity...this would be weird to those who know me, not blowing horns here but i get to be called 'pretty' and 'beautiful' now and then...but i'm insecure about it, reasons? dunno!!!

4.sleep: i love teddys and dolls but if they happen to be around my bed at night i drag em by the ear and fling em far away from my bedroom(giving them the worst abuse ever, incase they really are evil at night), i do that to my nieces teletubbies, barbies and stuffed animals too...dont blame me, chukky from childs play and taunts from my brother of my dolls being chukky incarnates taught me to be wise and i still feel weird about em' at night and i know i have to cuddle up before i can sleep so i use my pillow as substitute. ...i cant sleep without covering my feet,if i happen to doze off in the living room, then the throw pillow or whatever book/magazine i'm reading acts as my substitute blanket,its from a childhood of being scared a monster would be come from under the bed to drag me there u go.

5.nonchalant: em' lets see...i'm a master of missed opportunities..i kind of have a way of getting what i want from people, u know, i just ask and somehow the toughest of em are mellow and give in, so i tend not to ask alot cos i feel its me being manipulative and i hate manipulative people

6.emotions: i dont cry, i find it so difficult to cry especially at hard things, a death, heartbreaks(not like i get em)disappointments, scolding and all em' stuff, but the littlest of things, a kiss from my nieces and i tear up, a lil' dialogue in a movie and i cry...etc, then i cry when i'm sick especially during consultation.talking about sick, i know i'm falling ill when suddenly i'm taking off my earrings and every jewelry on my body, especially my anklet, which is like the most permanent fixture on my body(once it comes off i know it's a bad illness)...i feel like the metals are evils that add fuel to the fire of my shivers...

7.supernatural: i have flash back episodes in my life,sort of dejavu's i see things in my dreams that seem so real and soon after in reality i find myself in a place i've never being but looks familiar and i realize its from my dream and things are going almost that category too, i walk down the stairs and in a flash i see myself falling...or i'm driving and i see myself crashing, it feels like i have insights of what might have been but something stopped it from ending that this is a fact, a scary one too, i tell myself God is trying to show me someways in which he protects me... i'm a loner, i love to be by myself and sometimes i lock myself up in the toilet for hours reading just cos i want to be alone, i don't even mind when my sis and bro taunt me with the name 'bottom power' it doesn't matter what they think i'm doing inside there as long as i get my in my house, you don't get to use keys cos they'd just walk right thru the door into ur privacy like its a transparent wall and since you are flesh and blood you aren't entitled to alone time...
not sure why i sometimes feel like i hate people around me...

yeaaaay i did it, i did get up to 8 things that are kind of weird...yippie.
so now i tag , afrobabe, ozaveshe, carlang , and em' u are readin


  1. am loving your weirdness... when its cold am cold... so don't worry, we'll warm ourselves up *wink*

    I love baby food too, and I don't think its weird :-D

  2. Oh yea
    she's weird
    I don't even think I'm weird
    she's weird uh huh uh huh....


    I enjoy reading this post

  3. Weird??? means im really strange in some respect. Atleast you can identify youre a loner. I dont think i am but some people irritate me at first sight for no just cause. Il tried to figure it out to no avail but... youre pretty normal, everyones got their scoin scoin as fineboy will say

  4. @unnaked...that'll burn us'

    @olamild...babes u think i'm weird?...sob sob...and there i was thinking u were weirder

    @supergirl...huh...u're quoting fineboy now. wahala dey o.
    i'm officially tagging u. chic i need to prove to ola thet me is not weird there are weirder people, so prove her wrong hon.

  5. naaaaah... we'll burn things up and set a new ISO standard... wanna know what my ISO stands for? *wink*

  6. thanks 4 stopping by
    you are weird
    I mean loveddd

  7. baby food??? now thats the ultimate weird and to think you have a partner...unnaked..u be kolo mental!

  8. hehehehe... And you my deputy... we make a great team don't we Afrobabe *wink*

  9. @DoG...aww g..., i'll take that as an honest mistake hon.

    @afro......cant wait to read urs, see who ends up being more kolementalistic...

    @unnaked, stop flirting wit afro, its suppsoe to be me and u, not u and her, i dont do threesomes...u go wound!!!
    and whats ISO?..

  10. LoL... ok... can u handle the heat? ;-)

    ISO = InterCosmic Standard for Orgasm

  11. emm where do i start attacking you now???

    cold-bloodedness and unwillingness to cuddle up to full-grown men??? That's the winner.

    first runner-up is your fear of dolls and toys.

    Then crying...

    The supernatural part is just out of this world. I didn't even bother rating it.

  12. bighead...when u're a full grown man i might deciede to try it out with u *wink*

    i fear the dolls only at night...i'll say i was abused by that movie childs play and the whole chukky bit...and my bro for rubbing it in...why dont we sue em' u could act as my laywer...or since u're a body guard, and i might start cuddling wit u, i could let thebears in the room, u'd be an action hero if they try anything

    the other two ...lets leave em at that.

  13. unnaked.....ISO = InterCosmic Standard for Orgasm? now i know u're unnakedly crazy.

  14. I am a full grown man thus fulfilling requirement 1.

    People say I have a baby face (fash the pimples) fulfilling requirement 2.

    I also smell really good. Fulfilling requirement 3.

    When are we getting married?

  15. Oh sorry, No cuddling on beds before marriage for me. So we gat to get married first. You get?

  16. We have 7 and 8 in common. I wrote a post on 7. You should read it. It is called premonition.

    Lovely blog by the way


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