Big broda gone bad....

i've never been a fan of Mr. Arsene Wenger, partly cos i've never been a fan of arsenal and partly cos i hate his looks, and i think he is too arrogant, although i admit his team are one hell of a team, they play and deliver good football...manchester united rocks my world tho....

okay, arsene got my special attention and applause when i read his opinion of bigbrother
"i dont watch bigbrother, it is the wrong side of modern society that people who do nothing quickly become famous with no merit other than sitting in front of the camera. i dont like that fake side, to become a great foothballer, you need motivation, dedication, talent...and yet just being in front of camera makes you considered successful"

i agree its entertaining,but common...seriously? getting fame for sleeping, drinking, showering, cooking and commiting adultery in full view of the world, digging nose, scraching and playing with crouches e.t.c
BB Afica ended today, with Richard emerging as winner, i never sat down to watch the show to know enough of who's who and stuff, but i couldnt remain oblivious to the whole richard/tatiana drama, the dude was married and he just went on with it, how irresponsible, but Africa of course loved it, and so he emerged winner...or what of the episode where he kept carressing ofuneka while she was sleeping(this is hearsay, is it true?), now isnt that supposed to be regarded as rape(in a subtle way)...there was another guy who left a pregnant girlfriend outside and kept declaring love to someone else in the house...where are morals here?
Africans spent money voting for an adulterer to win....

personally i think the show should be scraped,(do i sound prude?) we should focus our mind on more productive reality shows...the apprentice, american idols,west african idols, so you think you can dance, fame academy, american/britains next top model, or the other show heidi klum presents..uhm...i forget the name, something on designing....all this work at exploring talents and bringing out the best in people, pushing them to achieve and strive to be the best at what they can do...

whatever, bigbrother is over...sigh of relief...the world can go on, more men can dare to cheat openingly, and lots more can dream and strive to get into the next edition of bigbrother so they can achieve cheap fame, get laid and maybe get the tantalising cash price)...the channels can finally tune to cnn/sky, people can finally blink and watch news from around the world and get a good nights reas without fear that they might miss the soft porn of some housemates carressing and kissing and almost sexing, or miss seeing some naked bodies as baths are taken in the house...

tomorrow is monday, and that sucks...ewww...
got my hair did yesterday and it feels sinfully nice.
have a great week y'all!


  1. Dont worry, it's not a prude thing, it's just know ing where entertainment becomes disgusting. i felt the same way about this big brother. Despite totally loving the first one. Everything just went too far, and as far as i'm concerned, the height was when Africa decided to let that perv win. It really should be scrapped. Where are people's sense of decency???

  2. Girl, i feel you immensly. I was so pissed when i saw Richard win. His escapes with Tatiana are not acceptable to me at all. Everyone at home thought i was just being a feminist yesterday but gosh...! Na wa o, i hope he doesnt get away with this lose morals of it though i suspect he already did considering the fact that he owns a whooping sum of $100, 000 now. I pray he pays for it somehow sha most probably emotionally.

    Lucky you, sinfully nice hair. I want!!! Im still struggling to accept mine though.


  4. hmmm ok..I don't know what to write here as I am neither a football fan or a bigbrother fan....

    hate the show after watching one over here where all they do is make out,swear and cry...

  5. i wish richard luck in his life and future...but on a serious note africa has lost its morals...going how the votes emerged.....i think african's now enjoyed sexuality more than what we are known fr........nyways thanks for the bday wishes...dont forget to check back...ive uploaded the bday pics...and full gist

  6. The loss of morals is not African; its human. Expect worse. Nevertheless, there will still remain the few good men (and women). We should form a club; you VP, onydchic, secretary, supergirl, fin sec, olamild, treasurer, obinwanne & afrobabe, (wetin we go give them now?)-member. have I mentioned that I'll be president? :D

  7. Babe, my FB id is calabar waffybabe. See you over there.


  8. @ondy, yeah where are there sense of decency?

    @supergirl, the big bucks means more girls yeah? long as u're still alive it means it hair rocks

    @olmild, i couldnt resist, u sound so wonderful, had to show u off..

    @afro, u should try watchn football, if not for anything, then for the cute'

    @c u at ur blog

    @bighead....c u, u want to write this in ur resume: president of.... club @ 21, wats d name of the club?
    n u left certified perv ozav out...good thinkn.
    anyways how does 21 feel?

  9. @bighead...who u give treasurer? That is my post I come one step closer to building afro garden city!

  10. afro, see ur life o, but i'll beg mr president to give u the post if you promise me a house in AGC, and a twenty percent cut on every house...nice bargain yeah?...

  11. why u no show ur hair style now. anyway BBA aint my kind of show.doubt if i watched up to like a combined time of 10 minutes all through the show. I also think the guy won cos Nigerians refused to vote. more than half the people who watch this shows here dont make out time to vote. I believe if Nigerians voted the way they did for 2-face and D-Banj, Ofunneka would have won. I have asked people here in my office and not even one of them voted even though they spend the whole day talking about the show

  12. @fantasy queen: Who will write what in their resume??? Me write club or club/members write me???

    yu are already sharing house with afrobabe even b4 club has started. Is yur surname Etteh?

    @afrobabe: I gave olamild treasurer, but since yu oppose my decision, we'll put the post up for election. But is there really any need to struggle? Whose money do yu plan to chop? Broke mine or broke fantasy's?

  13. My sista, people seek out infamy in a scary way nowadays. By any means possible. Unfortunately, the world rewards them with attention and money.


  14. @an abo dudes corner, i didnt vote cos i really was not interested. although, heard its being banned in naija and the house is calling multichoice to explain its role in the whole deal...dunno if its the usual naija misyarns sha

    @big u've finished me so...i reject brokeness o...better stop claiming only u sabi. i havent reached etteh level yet.

    @solomonsydell...sad aight it?

  15. lol...ok..was thinking it was blogville money..if na only unna..I will pass...See fantasy queen tryin to job me oh..20% about u be in charge of supplying security to the estate then the tenants themselves can settle u...

  16. ke...bighead can handle that one, i'm already considering hiring him as a personal bodyguard...

    @anonymous gal, not so sure if the banned info i got is accurate tho. i know its an entertaining show, used to love it too, so if its banned then i'm sure u'll find something else u'll love just as much...


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