angels of my life...

How could anyone not like babies?(ozaveshe) They are the epitome life, they give meaning to new beginnings, to innocence and pure joy, a breath of fresh air to life that has grown sour and croaky from the trials of the world.
We take care of them, watch that they dont fall or put stuff in their mouth, clean em' up when they mess themselves up, put them to sleep and teach them new things and help guide them when they take their first steps...thats what the world should be about, helping each other when we are at a point of helplessness and basically just looking out for each other.
They are simply adorable, even the simple and not so pleasant act of changing diapers could be..well..smelly but simply unpleasantly pleasant, the way they look at you and smile while you do they dirty job for them.

I've cleaned fevered heads, rubbed teething powders, cried at their first day in school(even more than them, thats if they cried at all), done a chicken dance at their first steps...smiled when people complimented me on 'my kids' and asked how i kept my figure after the, I am their surrogate mother, sometimes i feel i actually carried them in my tummy :)

My nieces, the reason for my seasons of 'bright and sunny' days, they are babies after my own heart, God's apology for taking dad away, although they've grown a bit beyond the diaper changing phase (thank God), 5 and 3 years they are still at a place of innocence which is so enchanting, from their curiosity and laughter and joy at discovering new things, the unanswerable questions of 'why do you love me so much" when I hug for more than a minute and keep kissing them, with them laughter is a daily dose of vitamin, constant and flowing. when i cry, they come around me and like grown ups, hold me and tap my back, or like Steph did once, pulled her socks so she could clean my tears with it when she couldn't find an alternative. or Gabby who would creep into bed with me when I have cramps and her three year old self would hold me and kiss my tummy like I kiss her hurt spots, just so I can feel better...

I love being with them, just driving around while they go crazy over songs on the radio "who's the koko" or "why me o" ...or "African queen" and crack up when they say "2 eyes"  in their attempt at stand up comedy...their idea of a joke is calling 2face, 2eyes... or Marvin Gaye "uhh baby"... come to think of it, do they know any nursery rhymes?.. lol
Once I was driving while we sang along and danced to pussycat dolls "dont cha" when Steph and I had this conversation:

Steph: baby aunty Joy(yeap, they call me their baby)

Baby aunty Joy: yes swee

Steph: Who's your husband?(shes told me lots of uncles are good uncles cos they've tried to lure their way into my heart through them)

Baby aunty Joy: i dont have a husband(thinking it was over, I screamed "don't cha" at her...the part in the song where we all get hyper active)

Steph: Why?(she wasnt through with me apparently)

Baby aunty Joy: Cos I cant find one I like.

Steph: should I look for one for you?(her face looked so serious)

Baby aunty Joy: Sure darling

After a moment of silence from her.

Steph: Is it a lighter one or a darker one? 

I almost crashed into the car in front of me...(see me see trouble, my four year old niece is trying to find me a husband, how pathetic, but then i shouldn't be scared cos the babies love fine bobos, the way they flock around cute dudes that show up in the house, I'm covered in the cute department if they go a-hunting for me)

Baby aunty Joy: Eh?...(trying to be sure i heard well. I sure did because she repeated same question) I thought about it for a while, then i heard her lil' sis Gabby who was two at the time giggling behind and asking if my husband would kiss me (kids..sigh) but I didn't get to answer her question though ...come to think of it, I don't think I know if I want a lighter one or a darker one.

Just as I turned into the mall, I realised what a mistake I had made, cos my Steph and Gabby like children do, might just stop a cute stranger standing with his wife/girlfriend and embarrass me. Thank God for little mercies they were more interested in getting pizza than my lack of a kissing partner.

They are my best friends... I wake up early in the morning so I can watch episodes of Balamory, Big cook Little cook, Teletubbies and their favourite programs (and embarrassingly mine too). I fight with them, struggle for ice cream and oreos with them, play pretend (after all thats what i like)...
they are my fashion consultants, when i'm parading in different outfits trying to figure out what fits best...they just say, "wear the blue dress" and without thinking twice, I wear the blue one" or when they give compliments like 'you look like chewing gum...strawberry...purple chocolate(they identify some things with colour) I know I look absolutely gorgeous

They are beauties and love to be in pictures, Stephy loves James Blunt's "you're beautiful" and she'd walk into a room, stare in the mirror, half of my lipgloss poured on her lips and that of her sisters, eye shadows and blushes patched all over their faces singing "I'm beautiful..."

They moved temporarily to London this year, I was heart broken ...they cried some days before they left (and got in the groove of the trip later), somehow they understood it wasn't the usual holiday trip, new schools and all, so we said "I love yous" and "I'll miss yous" and I promised them I'll call them everyday, but Steph replies in a near hysterical voice "but how can i know what you're wearing?" now that tore me up cos I realised speaking with them everyday can never make up for holding and kissing them... so each time I call I always have to say what I'm wearing and they try their best to describe what they wear "my pink dress with little daisies and a pony and..." all the details... and I cant just say "I'm in my pink nightie" because they ask "is it the one with twinkle twinkle little stars? is your hair long today, is it touching your bumbum?" (I love long braids sometimes)...bla bla bla

They're coming home on the 8th of December. I''m doing a countdown, can't wait to have them bug baby aunty Joy.


  1. Kids are just lovely, arent they? Maybe stressful, but there's always fun to go with it!

  2. hey,which of them is Gaby? ok this is getting too close for kids..wish i could have one right now.

  3. Kids are wonderful.

    Reminds me of my nephews, i am so inlove with them.

    I so feel you....Lol

  4. @andy theres always so much fun isnt yeah?...thanks for stoppin by

    explain close for comfort...
    gaby is the 3yr old, the lil' one, the one i call my barbie(gaby my barbie)a cheap attempt at rhyming.
    i wish i had one too.

    @nneka's world..wonderful, exceptionally and beautifully wonderful...

  5. not everyone likes kids..abeg free my boy, ozaveshe...i love my niece, but i like to be ALONE when i come home from work...and she will never let me be...

  6. Yur nieces sound really sweet. Makes me wanna have mine right away. Do you know anyone who wants to marry a broke but fine young man with good prospects on short notice?

  7. @stuck in my throat...ozavs case is a chronic one. i understand wat u mean about em' blabin too much, but i think its cute tho...she wont leave u alone cos shes in love wit u.. give her a break'

    @bighead, they're sweeter than sweet.
    who told u u're fine?, send ur details i'll give em' to d babes and they'll hook u up like that.

  8. Who told me am fine? I got a mirror, don't I? I told myself. My details ke? Which kain details do yu need again? my name is bighead, I'm tall enough, fine enough, brilliant enough and caring enough. Wat else could yu possibly want?

  9. abeg is in the eyes of the beholder o...mirrors lie alot o!...we dont want to under/over estimate.

  10. fancy defaming me like that! the good thing about ur post is anyone who reads it will know what it is exactly u enjoy doing to little kids -

    kissing them all over...teaching them about they koko while they scream (in pain) "why me?"...force them to watch u naked as u take ur bath...steal their ice cream and oreos...the list is endless...

    @stuck: thanks for standing up for me jo!

  11. So how do yu suggest I know for sure? Do yu want to play judge?

  12. Awww, thats so cute. I can say same about my Nephews just that they are a tad bit tooooo stubborn. I mean my 4 year old nephew wants to see my pant, My two year old nephew threatens to call a lion to eat me up when i yell at him,whats up with that?

  13. @ozav: ur perving without carl. Wait for him naa.

  14. no comment...i plead the 5th ammendment.

  15. @ozaveshe..u never fail to disappiont do u? pls eh...dont focus ur perv thots on my babies

    @bighead, i'm very judgemental oh...but at least u'll know if u're supposed to hide forever or upgrade ur shoe soles so u can ditch every car, bus, okada, wheel etc and walk the walk so the whole world can see what a fine?...dude u are.
    so u're encouragin ozav eh? even telln him to wait 4 back up...

    @supergirl...LMAO, cute things they are, dont let ozaveshe near them or they'll start asking to see'...

    @afrobabe...u knw d 5th is no law among spill oh...

  16. Aw shucks.
    Your kids sound so cute and adorable.
    You should meet my nephews.
    I call them the loony two.
    They're the craziest two i ever met. Both boys.
    I thought that was bad until i heard their mum tell her freind one day wearily..:

    "I really dont get it. Off all the men in my family. My children choose to be like Carlang!!"

    Proudest moment in my life.

    What's with the attack on Ozaveshe. Lay off. He loves kids.
    Making them is even better!!

  17. its my b'day today as i mentioned in my previous post, and my exams have started and its going smoothly and im happy for ur prayers.... ayway i just pumped im to demand a visit to my blog cos i deserve it, IT MY B'DAY IMAGINE.....SO I DESERVE IT for stopping by anyway...

  18. hey FQ!
    tomorrow (November 9) is the birthday of a follow blogger
    please won't you stop by to give your best wishes if you can

  19. Kids: I am not all ga-ga over them. They can be cute but most of the time, they get on my nerves...

    not everyone is built to look at drooling humans the same way

  20. @carlang...dont let the (FBI)family bureau of investigation hear u o...this one u're calling em' my 'babies', my wish hasnt come thru yet.

    send ur nephews my way for serious can u b proud they're turning out like u? i wouldnt want my future generation kids to be their preys aspa they learnt from the master'

    @obiwanne...wai the party at?

    @dairy of a g...i'll do that

    @CATWALQ, it cant be that bad, can it?

  21. Why, you've got super adorable babies! I'd rather have this type of conversation with kids than have them throw tantrums all over me.
    I can see why you'll miss them. I would too.
    But una men when those kids grow up, hmmn...

  22. lol @ bighead.
    I've hereby taken it upon myself to find you a wife before next year.
    While I am at it, I'd have to get one for current Number 4 man in Nigeria- Honourable Mr Speaker.

    Ladies, who's game?

  23. ejura, that speaker, nothing gum in the looks department, his current position has just elevated him, u knw hw fame and power jump starts vision of fineness...but he speaks well o, heard him on radio n...the rest is history.

  24. that pic in the post below looks like

  25. lol' at u afrobabe...LMHO..bighead n i r twins, maybe thats y...or r u indirectly askn me to unblur?

  26. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, girl you are a babe after my own heart. As a mum, i feel ya big time. If i start talking about fact i wont finish today. And if you don't want trouble in my house, don't touch the tv remote during Balamory, Big cook little cook, Dora the explorer, Barney and friends, Hi 5...the list goes on and on.

    Don't mind that naughty Ozaveshe jare. He's too busy erm *splutter & cough* even get it. He knows what i'm on about. *wink* Tell him to stop being naughty else i'd report him to that "principal" in his office. LOL.

    I came over to thank you for your birthday mesage to me on DOg's girl. Men your presents were da bomb. I've replied you there as well.
    Thanks girl and God bless.


  27. awww...I can relate

    but it would have been hellafunny
    If they did stop a cute stranger standing with his wife/girlfriend in searching for a hubby for

  28. @CWB, who makes the trouble from touchn the remote? u or the', those programmes r addictive to adults too, i actually learn alot from them. i so envy u for havin a lil' star of ur own,i can imagine how special he/she? is...
    glad u loved the pressy's

    @DOG...nowe that would have been mad crazyyyy


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