hi y'all! accchoooooo....choooo...achooooo! i have a terrible cold and frustrating sneeze...it always happens at this paticular time of the year, i thought i had escaped it this time only to wake up yesterday morning with a fever and blocked nose, now i'm wallowing in self pity.
its the end of the year...well it would be in less than fourtyeight hours....hope i did the calculations right.
its been a whirl wind of a year, the good, the bad and the ugly intertwined, but all that matters is that we made it, we overcame every obstacles and that proves that we definately are bigger than out problems and obstacles.

in 2007, i took a hold of my life, although the grip wasnt too strong but it was enough to put me back on track, i dusted the dirts of my shoulder, well a bit of it and i hope to dust off more by the new year.
we got to win the election, and it was definately a case of 'may the best man win', despite all the talks of riggin, i think the best man really did win in this case and work definately is in progress...no, this doesnt refer to our dear president.

in 2007, i left dark and scary behind and became a big girl filled with sunshine, it dont matter that i'm still the lil' girl whos scared of committement, i'll leave that to 2008 to tackle....

basically,Gods been good...even the cold cant stop me from being thankful. having an end of year bbq tomorow and imma rock that show, looking forward to it, social occassions with the family is something to look forward to, its always inventful..

hope everyone had a blast this year, and hope y'all have all the best in the coming year, may all our past dissappiontments turn into blessings in the coming year. accchoooooooo. Remain blessed!


  1. Enjoy your bbq tomorrow and get well soon. Good luck with tackling commitment issues in 2008. x

  2. get well soon sha, so you can party like a rock star for the new years

    If thats what you do...lol
    best wishes

  3. i wish u a happy and cold free new year dear ( winks)

  4. oh dear !!! am on ur blog roll?

    aaahhhhhh ( hugs )

  5. Have fun darling and if I catch this cold I am coming after your ass.2007 has been a year of over coming a lot of dark and scarey for most of us but tell you what....2008 is going to be the bomb.

  6. awww..sorry about the cold,hope you feel better soon.have fun at the barbecue.happy new year!!

  7. thanks y'all!...
    have a happy year.

  8. strange i had a cold on dec30 also. conspiracy against bloggers.


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