Looking past the anatomys in Greys Anatomy

(used this old pics cos i couldnt imagine using one without dr. burke)

i'm such a fan of greys anatomy, i'm like addicted to it and enthralled with all the drama that takes place in seattle grace hospital. i've got the dvds that i just keep watching over and over again. , since we are still behind in Nigeria, like in the 3rd season(how screwed is that)and i just cant imagine myself waiting to watch what is already being aired.
i kind of relate with meredith, her fear of commitment, her struggles and the whole dark and gloomy existence...well to an extent, i'm not as screwed up as she is(i hope)

But it's sort of not all about the McSteamys and the McDreamys(who by the way are absolutely hot, steamy and dreamy)... my interest goes deeper than that, cos every episode gives me food for thought on certain issues room for reasonable thinking way past the hormones the hotties rise in our bodies. heres a voice over of meredith..

"the early bird catches the worm; a stitch in time saves nine. He who hesistates is lost. We can't pretend we havent been told. We've all heard the proverbs, heard our granparents warning us about wasted time, heard the damn poets urging us to 'seize the day'. Still sometimes we have to see for ourselves. We have to make our own mistakes. We have to learn our own lessons. We have to sweep todays possibilities under tomorrows rug untill we can't anymore, untill we finally undersstand for ourselves like Benjamin Franklin meant. That knowing is better than wondering, that waking is better than sleeping. And that even the biggest failure, even the worst most intractable mistakes beats the hell out of never trying"

i keep reflecting on that and somehow by doing that i've been able to take the necessary steps to start doing things i always had doubts about cos like meredith says" knowing is better than wondering" and "we have to make our own mistakes." i've realized that i just can't keep hiding in this cosy cocoon i created for myself cos that way i never get to take risk and so i just remain stuck at the place where i am forever. i wouldn't want to stay on the other side of the road, waiting cos i'm scared i'd get hit by a car and so at the end of the day i'll bite my nails and wonder what could have been if i actually crossed over.... i can never get a six if i don't throw the dice.... so i'm letting myself go completely(well gradually) and i'm going to let myself take all the risk i can...i'll risk selling my ideas, i'll risk speaking out, and hell yeah i'll risk falling in love.....

NB...is it me or is greys anatomy loosing IT,it just doesnt seem to have as much appeal this season,with burke(isiah washington) gone and all, i mean i can afford not to download episodes on itunes for weeks after its aired, which was so not possibly sane for the previous seasons.... hope it picks up its vibes again, or else i'd be McBroken!!


  1. OMG Chica!

    Okay, I was just writing this on someone else's blog last week. I LOVE Grey's. But, it is losing it's flava fo sho!

    Okay, here are my issues with this season:

    1. Dr. Burke isn't there.
    2. If Meredith and Derrick make out one more time I am going to scream.
    3. If Yang doesn't stop whining about doing surgeries *URGH*
    4. I am not fond of the new female Dr. She really doesn't add anything to me.

    Those aren't even the half. But at least you get my point. I LOVE Chanda. I wonder if she and her hubby are going to stay together. We will find out this week.

    The last of my "two cents" is that I like the spin-off "The Practice" better. Have you watched that show? It has more action but seems to be headed in the same direction as Grey's Anatomy in that every one in the office is sleeping together. Hmm...I need a little more plot and creativity that that...however, it is more appealing than Grey's these days.

    Good food for thought. I am naturally a risk taker, I think I have been that way since I was a little girl, so my mother says. I have always had the if it doesn't work oh well, try something else type attitude. But, I understand that for other it's not that easy to just put yourself out there because you want to already know what's going to happen or at least calculate your steps. So, I totally understand.
    So, I have an assignment for you Fantasy Queen.
    Risk Taker Assignment(RSA) #1: Write down one are in your life that you need to take a risk. This week take two steps toward stepping out of your comfort zone in that area. Hit me up on next Sunday and let me know how it went.
    *I have my pinky out* Pinky swear me you are going to do it.

    Hit me up!


  2. It's me again. I forgot to say. GREAT post. I really enjoyed that. I love how you took that show and applied it to your own life. I do that with movies, but I have never done it with TV shows. You just gave me a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

    I love dropping by your spot.


  3. Havent watched this season, but I find I;m not too enthusiastic. Ithink the dumbest thing the producers of the show did, was remove BURKE. HELLO??? That's viewer suicide!
    But I think I knew the show would lose its fire eventually. They always do.. sigh.

  4. Greys is a great show. I mean sure the drama is great but it also manages to highlight difficult issues like race, euthanasia, child abuse, etc. Each episode has a theme which is reflected in the lives of the manjor characters. Meredith is one messed up mama but that is what makes her character so endearing. You parallel the dilemmas in Meredith's life with yours very well.

  5. *sigh* is all i can do... Grey's Anatomy became my only companion once upon a time in my life (2weeks plus ago)...

    I got a F'd DVD that kept cutting scenes... please if you have the complete 2nd & 3rd season, I promise to cherish u for the rest of eternity... the 2nd season I have has missing scenes, so is the third...

    Kate Walsh (Dr. Addison Montgomery Shepherd) remains my GA crush :-D

  6. Hmmm...maybe I should make out time and watch it from the begining cos I sure aint feeling this passion u all are feeling for the show...Now HEROS is what a show is all about...

    Hi babes, how u dey?

  7. Can't say much cause i don't watch the show even though my friend's been begging me to watch it

    how u dey?

  8. I love Dr burke. have not watched any episode from the new season as i usally wait 4 it to come out on DVD before i watch. but Greys without Burke/? IM NOT SURE.

  9. kim...i watch the practice too, i'm intrigues with law dramas so i watch watever i can lay my hands on, have u seen justice, now thats a beautiful one with lovely twist in the tales.
    uhm...soi'll b sure to give u a feedback on my 'risk taking' assignment. jeez, now thats seiors business.

    @onydchic, i feel u on that, removing burke...not good.
    and like every show the fire eventually goes out, i lost desperate housewives right at the begining of season 3, ugly betty doesnt do it for me anymore, i'm hopinng i dont get lost on lost too.
    one show i hope they bring back is gilmore girls, right up to season 6 it still rocked my world, altho the fire dwindled a lil' it never managed to quenche, family guy is good too, sex and the city was also some mad show that just kept

    atutupoyoyo, thats the best thing about the show...well except the steamys and dreamys, the way they keep playing around with everyday issues...splendid

    unnaked, now dont tell me u're buying the dvd's from the wrong places *sigh*, how do u want to get em from me, virtual exchange or u've got a suggestion, i'll be happy to help a brother get his greys on...
    kate walsh is hot aint she?

    afro...damn girl, even the fellas are watching grey's and feeling it good. HELLOooo, u dont not watch greys, u watch it next to ur heros, and 24s and prison breaks and csi's. *wailing my heart out for u*(well at least u wouldnt have to feel depressed with all we die hard fans when we worry about it not being so IT anymore)

    olamild...hiya babes, and pullleas try and watch greys, i envy u, cos u'll be having the first time experience which is so ........
    u havent said where u're headed to..or have u? i'm going over to urs now.

    anonymous girl...yeah, greys without a BURKE is deinately UNSURE.
    welcome back.

  10. I'll find a way for u to deliver it... else we can meet half way, so I don't stain you with my unNakedness... i can be quite contagious *wink*

  11. i feel so old fashioned and lost in my own little world with all these talk about GREY, gush ! never had of it until now.

    God have mercy, lol

  12. hmmmmm...Ok I'll start this weekend...will start from season one and come back to wail if i no longer feel it...deal???

  13. nice post i must say...havnt watched Grey's anatomy in a while..sort of lost its appeal to me a while back...and maybe meredith and mcdreamy's whole romance thingy just got me fed up....but i do like the spin off...whats it called...private practice...it looks like it might be interesting.

  14. unnaked, lemme know when u deciede if its half way or u wouldnt mind getting me all unnaked up. lol'

    ms emmotions, lord have mercy 10x's

    afrobabe, babes u need to, i mean when i was ill and halucinating, i felt i was in seatle grace and dr. sheperd was examining me.

    exschoolnerd, it sure used to be interesting. thanks for stopping by man.

  15. I still love d show and would watch it rather than do some work...Is it only me that find myself crying after some episodes of Grey's anatomy. I can't even stop the tears, they just gush down my cheeks....
    Like u said behind the drama, u r faced with issues that involve nothing but deep thinking on the viewer part, and most times...i end up crying......

    I just love the show...not sure which one i love best, HEROES OR GREY'S??? who cares.......I love them both

  16. Oh No you did not!!

    I sat for thirty minutes debating the pros and cons in commenting on a post about Greys Anatomy.
    I still cant beleive you did it.

    Nice comparison between your life and Merediths.
    Off the record i love the female stars in the series. I love the plots and the depth the script writers give to the indivual cases that come up.
    And i'm nuts for the soundtracks.

    But the Mc Guys?
    Dont get me started.


    @ Afrobabe: I'm with you . Herore is a fantastic show. ALthough i must admt the second season has not been as nice as the first. Thus far...

    A post on grey's Anatomy?
    Now i've seen evrything!!

    Bloody Mc Meanies!!

  17. Whats all the hulabaloo about this grey anatomy abi wetin call,lol!

    Okay so i dont watch it, Someone sue me!!!

  18. Orientatednaijababe *sniff sniff* u're not alone in this sister.

    carlang darline, now dont go callin my Mc's bloody. u crossing the line man. and yes those chics are hot, izzy beats the pack tho.
    a post on greys anatomy...u havent seen notin!!!

    princesa...i just might sue u! lol'.
    beware, u just might get served by the greys fan tribunal.lol'

  19. @ Carlang...Too many characters added in the second season is the problem with heroes...that plus characters that died and ehmmm woke up again...

    @Princesa...sue u indeed..lol

  20. Wish i can same something about this, but i dont watch TV that much. I saw 3 or 4 episodes but never really got into it.

    Holla if you want to talk about Soprano or The Office (US)

  21. common update and remove thie greys people from here...

  22. Chica,

    Where are you? What did you think about Grey's last night? I think that was the BEST episode this entire season? I can't wait for to weigh in.



  23. afro...lemme be jare, stop hating on grey's.
    i'm trying to take after u aspa slacking in updating.

    kim, OMG u've got to be kidding. would go to itunes ASAP and download...fingers crossed!

  24. ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod, i love grey's anatomy!!! all that drama in d work place, makes what is happening in my office a child's play!!!!


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