someone posted this picture on my facebook page...it was funny at a glance, then i noticed who the sender was, then i became livid and almost sent a hate mail to him, then i saw the humor in it, then i laughed again, and forwarded to a few friends.
i was mad, cos the sender was my first serious crush(haven't ever really fallen in love) till i decided i couldn't and wouldn't date him and i walked away....like i always do, it killed me but i did it, now he's married, with two lovely kids(its annoying to know he could finally stop calling to plead and he could move on, even find a soul mate in someone else) and tres painful to see wifey in most mags i pick up
twas just that feeling that maybe he was trying to tell me to get a life, cos i'll never find that 100% perfect man, thus would keep sending the near perfect away(like him)....
we're cool like that now tho, i don't regret that much and i guess he still does, but hey, we move on.

thats me on the wheel chair, the one the ray of light shines on...uhmmmm, maybe theres still hope....LOL.



    where in the world did he get this picture?
    It's crazily funny
    pardon my english o hhaahaha

    Them don nearly kill me o
    After i told pple i am gone 4 december
    they are still saying update update update
    I will make one post this month
    I'll let u know when I do though

    Take care of yourself.
    (still busy)

  2. Lol...The guy mean you oh...there is certainly hope jare...

    we are not waiting for the perfect man but the almost ok one....
    didn't know u had gone beyong greys...missed much oh...

  3. yeah ! i know where u are coming from on this ( feeling bad cos he got anotha). life goes on no matter wat, i always reminde myself dat no man(anybody at all) is indispensable, thats why people are able to get over heart breaks and love again again and again even again and again, lol.

    about the perfect man thing, my dear there really is no such thing o o, in fact their is no near perfect of any kind, just look for a man u can tolerate and b4 u know it, u did find urself so much in lovvveeeeeee, just emphasizing the luv thing.

    take kare of u dear

  4. Hahahaha...oh my.

    I was at a party on Saturday evening and the discussion turned to why so many black women in the Washington D.C. area are single. I got cursed (by my girlfriends) for my opinion, so, I will restrain from sharing it here. I will say though that your ex is mean for sending that to you, lol!

    How body?

  5. hahaha. this is funny, u have even identified yourself in the picture. chei dont kill me.

  6. LMAO. There sure is hope for a lovely lady like yourself, who loves kids as well. Abeg no answer the joker jare. Na bad bele because you bin fashy am. LOL.

    Wishing you a lovely xmas and new year in advance girl. I hope you have a swell time and may all your dreams be fulfilled.


  7. lmaoooooooooooo omg that looks like something my mom would send to me.

  8. ROTFL..this picture is downright funny but man..that guy that sent this to you is mean small o!
    There's no such thing as a perfect man or woman. If there were, we wouldn't need to keep working on ourselves to become better people even after marriage..have strong opinions like solomonsydelle..will keep the rest..

  9. olamild, UPDATE OOOOOOOH!!
    which kin busy u b na? no go stress urself oh!

    afro, are u sure u're not waiting for the perfect man? i'm certain its you seating at my right...lol'

    ms emmotion, my dear i'm past the phase of perfecto o, it's just taking longer than usual to convince my concious mind to leave that wishful thinking alone.

    SOLOMONSYDELLE...so mean that guy. u're so lucky tho, u've found ur own perfecto...*sigh*

    anonymous girl...a girl gats to do that o...it's either i see the humour in it or fume...i choose the lighter option.

    tandra...hey babes, hope u didnt crack a rib or two.

    cally came visiting and i'm all smiley, wheres my chewing gum...
    thanks darl, have a wonderful time too, all the best in the new year. MWUAHHH!

    desperate lady...gosh ur mom must have such a sense of humour. the day u get this from her, be afraid, be very afraid.
    thanks for droping by

    writefreak...there may be no perfect man, but we create our illusion/idea of one, thats why we can afford to get married..like solomonsydelle, u've settled for ur own idea of perfecto perfecto, and i envy u silly.
    i'm jealousing u both well well.


  11. Umm...he gets a CITATION for that. LMTO! That is too funny. And never will you say, you are the one in the wheel chair. HILARIOUSLY funny! At least you can find humor in it. You will find the one for you. You just can't be afraid to be vulnerable. I know it's a scary thing. Check out my blog today. It's an interesting topic. It sorta kinda goes along with what you are talking about with relationships. I would love for you to weigh in.

    HAPPY FRIDAY and keep in touch.

    KimPossible (STILL LAUGHING)

  12. LOL, funny picture..its never too late,open your heart and love will find you.

  13. ...there should be another version of that picture; Men Waiting For The Perfect Woman - it could show a man surrounded by a million Bree VanderKamps.
    ...and screaming his ass off.

  14. Really funny but there is some truth in it tho.
    I think there is no such person as perfect only God.
    Why search for Mr or Mrs perfect when we ourselves are not perfect.We all (ladies and guys) need to realise this and settle for the almost perfect.

    Merry xmas babes.

  15. can somebody please answer me

    why do women seek perfetion in a man

    you all just don't know that you can easily make a man into what you want them to be

    because all men instinctively want to please women

    please answer my question anybody before i have a heart attack

  16. Hey Fantasy Queen,

    I tagged you on my blog. Go check out my last post. Get ta writing. LOL!


  17. @James Tubman I feel you

    thats called rubbing it in ur face like apricot scrub...lol

    Am sort of like you tho...I should have been married at lease a thousand times

  18. @torrance...word

    kimpossible..dont choke on ur laughter girl

    lil' miss me, i'm hoping it's really never too late.

    freaksho...now thats something worth imaging.

    princesa its just something we humans do, we always want more more more...

    james tubman, basically women/men,have illusions of what should be, this illusions have miinds of their own, thus we end up living in a world with unreal expectation...hope thats enough to stall the heart attack till u get a better explanation.

    DoG, word man, a thousand and more times, i'm still counting.

  19. oh dear, james man, i've tried my best here...maybe u really dont need an answer just a mouth to mouth....

  20. Hmmm mouth to mouth keh...easy oh,you might get more than bagained for...

    Babe I am seriously/heavily/greedily interested in that suya spice oh...need it like a child needs milk!!!

  21. oh my, how did this discussion turn to mouth to mouth? na wa for una, oh!

    And hello, if I fail to update in 5 days, I get cursed out, you fail to update in ages and nobody has called you out. Na wetin? My friend, update oh jare....

    nonsense, mschewwww.....


  22. lol.. am starting to enjoy reading the comments as much as the posts dem sef! this blog thing is sweet o!

    anywho, that picture was hilarious!!!am sending to my single friends..

    but i liked what lil miss me said (so young so wise) - "its never too late,open your heart and love will find you". I couldnt have said it any better!

  23. hey,Better update oh, even if its just with my suya pepper...

  24. This is the first time I have come across your blog and I have spent the last half hour reading through your posts. I love it girl!
    Your ex was wicked sending that to you but I hate to say there is some truth in it. There is no perfect man out there but we can build a perfect relationship with an imperfect man... :)

  25. Meery Xmas
    Have a joyous one

    I updated as promised

  26. afro...uhmmmm beg me, i'l c what i can do...or send me a mail so i could get an addy to send it to..

    solomonsydelle...ahhhh, would do soon, that hiss was powerfull...

    simispeaks, thanks for dropping by, and yes o, i enjoy the comments as much as the blogs too.

    cinnamonqueen thanks girl...

    olamild...same to youuu

  27. lol ... i wan die!!! as sad as d msg in dat pix is, it's actually reality. i've spoken to many of my single girls - they have an image of d man they want to spend d rest of their life with, d only problem is that d realist (realist only wen it concerns another people's wahala o) knw say 'd tin wey dey hungry dis girl no dey market o'.

  28. Nawa for your Ex Sef.. That was mean of him. Humour or no humour, it had an undertone of resentment.

    I guess cause you left him.

    How did i miss this post?

  29. "Cool" picture, yeah, it takes a creative mind to send such & a liberal mind to decipher.
    Be that as it may, 'em we look for not only exist, we can also find them.


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