a day with the breeze...

i've been grumpy these couple of days, its that time of the month when my emotions go stark raving mad, and i behave like an emotional basket case.
i cry most of the day either from the physical pain of cramps or the emotional pain of wanting someone to love or give me a baby(yes i'm that crazy), or the spiritual pain of nothing...
the best thing about this times in my life is that i feel most comfty with my body....i take a hot bath, and in the steamed up bath i stand in front of the mirror, and just love me, take deep breaths and smile ... plug my ipod to the speakers and start doing what i do best...flexing my flexes and damning the pain signals my leg sends me, i dance my heart out, wind and grind and bounce and snap and pop...

so i stepped out of the office this afternoon feeling preeeeeeeety and girllllly and free like the breeze in my black dolly dress, which i so love, its got the corporate look, sort of like a lil' girl playing dress up,watever... i had lunch delivered to me so decided to take a stroll down my office street to work it out,and same time indulge in the pleasure of being a bonafide worker, in the midst of bankers and the other busy people walking fast and driving fast to meet up with appointments, i was in my own wall street...and then...the breeze decided to be as hearty as i was, like a buddy,take a stroll with me since i claimed to be feeling like it,there it goes blowing my dress right up, like it was saying to me 'lets play buddy honey'...thank God for quick reflexes, i'm pretty sure a bit of black lace was revealed to a bunch of em' fellas....i knew enough to quietly walk back to the office, hands firmly holding my dress down as the breeze continued to laugh and play and try to be hearty with me....like i actually cared about it...crap!


  1. just wanted to say u writ pretty well

  2. Hi, I like your blog.
    Although it took some getting used too.
    I have never seen so much pink one page.
    Need to go to Specsavers.
    Weird how you feel pretty at that time of the month.
    Most girls feel like wearing maternity clothes or is it just me.
    I thought it was scorching hot in Nigeria and the word breeze is rarely used.
    Like I said before luff dee blogz.

  3. Wow. I agree with hengish. U actually feel pretty durig those times. Interesting.
    Me, I consider myself lucky, cos i feel NOTHING at all. Or maybe I just dont believe all that PMS hype. Or something.

    LOLZ at the flying dress though! Nothing like a little reality check to kill one's good mood.

    @ hengi
    er...scorching hot??? i take it you havent been here much! There are hot days, but come on! Of course we have breeze!

  4. last king of scotland...
    aww,thanks alot.

    lol' at the pink war...couldnt help it, and i think its cute, like lil' girl cute.
    yeah, i used to feel like maternity wears too b4, but suddenly its more like 'bringing sexyback'...weird huh.
    and no, its not scorching hot, its the harmattan season, so it gets pretty cold and windy, but lagos has been rainy and windy.

    u feel nothing?...o sister, how lucky thou art, to actually escape the pain...crap, i'm almost hating u, except i'm so loving you for fighting for GIRL POWER on Ugos' blog.

    love it that u used reality check...u got that right, i came back to my senses soon enough to realise that was no wallstreet.

  5. True pink is a cute colour.
    I am sure if you had a baby girl you will dress her in pink 24/7 lol.
    True I haven't been to Lagos in a minute but I heard it's really really hot in Nigeria.

    @ Ondychic- You are so lucky. I can't do anything when it's that time of the month. All I want to do is rip someone's head off so they can bask in the pain like I am. Maybe positive thinking is the way forward, so here it goes.


    Lol@ wall street, I actually believed you as it is not uncommon for financial services to have their own territory.

  6. lol what a funny story..your lucky you feel sexy when its that time of month,im in bed till its all over,bloated,throwing up,cramps..euugh! being a woman..tsk
    that dress did sound so pretty..lol

  7. lol...yep thats the way to feel love, sorry about ur pains...they will soon fade away with that attitude...

    love ya loads.

  8. Are you serious? lol. I can imagine, happened to me alot of times in lawsch. I loved (still love sha) to wear all them flair skirts, no wonder all them guys started claiming to "love" me.

  9. @hengish...
    u got that right and i'd tickle her pink so she'd always be pink..lol' its really not that bad tho..

    lil mss me
    i feel the way u do to, only when the pain is calm for a min, i try my best to be all that.
    and yes it sure is a pretty dress.

    thanks sweetheart...i'll keeo the attitude coming.

    lol'...i'm sure the had a feild day on those breezy days yeah?


  10. I find your light, breezy writing style rather uplifting!

  11. lol at ur mixin up with them bankers and those keeping appointment, if only they knew u were not one of them.....

    lmao on ur dress tryin to show ur lacy panty...

  12. naapali..thanks alot.

    ms emmotions...hey, i'm one of em o, exceot i havent started managing accounts over over a mil...lol'


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