say what?

resumed work today after a long holiday. was to resume yesterday but i went all 'hell with em'. was going to call dr mchandy to unlease his skills on me before i went back to all the hustles of work, but just before i called him, i received this text message from him
'i'm looking forward 2 seeing i'm back.let me know when i can come, sorry about not being there 4 u when u needed me most'
i screamed a big god forbid, and hurriedly called Montaigne for an appointment, i'd rather do with what they have to offer, cos text msges like that from a professionals only means trouble, and i no dey for that one, before one beautiful massage session turns into a groping session. spent my day at the spa yesterday and had the de-stress treatment, it was heavenly, and it dont matter that my account is on red today.

my day at work was supposed to be great, instead i had to deal with a mountain pile of work, annoying clients who just wouldn't let me breath.
i left my job and dwelled in the beauty of facebook, then felt guilty and buried myself back in work. took a cab home from work and left my phone in it....tripple crap!

I got myself thinking if i'm really cut out for a nine to five job, the more i thought about it, the more quitting sounded enticing, don't get me wrong, i loooove love my job, its just the stress i hate dealing with. kept wondering if maybe i really was cut out to be a trophy wife and not the player for the trophy, lol', i could just seat home all day, or shop, get myself all did, or attend one charity event or the other if i'm tired of the leisurely thingys, but then i'd have to deal with my husband falling for his Secretary or a partner or something just cos she works....nah, thats boringggg, i love to do things, it'd drive me to maddness to be all idle.

the weekend was aight, my nieces went back to London on sunday, it'd be heavenly if i could pack up and go see them next week. but i cant (dont worry afro, you'll still get your suya spice). i miss em' so much and keep looking at the pictures they drew me which is safely tucked in my money lacking purse.
attended the bloggers get together at the new place on saka tinubu, its owned by jayjay and called number 10 and i had fun, so glad i didnt back out like i wanted to. i met lovely people who are doing well in what they do and i'm really proud to be associated with them.

going to bed now, gosh, its sickening to think that its back to alarms waking me up so early in the fellas out there where you at? come take me as i am, i could go blonde, get a tripple ecup, and act dumb....amy winehouse describes this feeling her song 'F me pump'
'......Cuz your dream in life, Is to be a footballers wife. You don't like players, That's what you say-a, But you really wouldn't mind a millionaire.
You don't like ballers, They don't do nothing for ya, But you'd love a rich man six foot two or taller'....
(DISCLAIMER: this feeling in no way describes what i'm about, just part of the fantasising process, lol')
perfect trophy wife for y'all, buzz me before the phase slides away.


  1. trophy wife sounds enticing right about now..i feel the same way,but its with school not work..dont worry,this too shall pass

  2. interesting new graphics u have on there. regrettably i cant seem to sympathize with u on the stress of work. i've been on a long holiday since the middle of last month and it realy isnt fun. my days are blue, my account is red, its so hard to green, er, grin.

  3. am here to sign up while u in this phone damn, sorry.
    loved that song by amy, love the last line of the song especially.
    Thanks now I gotta got that song on G's playlist..I sometimes beat the alarm to the buzz, crazy

  4. DoG
    You should have known from the job,
    That you always get dumped,
    So dust off your fuck me pumps..'thats the last line yeah? love amy as well, well i did when she was still underground, now i dunno.

    not fair i dont have a playlist yet, tried uploading once, got stuck and never bothered to again.

    u're the first to sign up..., but hold it right there...u got the g's to keep me happy?, started selling any of the rhymes u been writing?

    finally u deciede to pay us a visit, so here i am jumping that u found time to stop at my page
    'my days are blue, my account is red, its so hard to green, er, grin' lol at u, but i kind of semi-envy ur idle life right now.

    little miss me
    TW so so enticing at the moment, the phase has refused to slide by, its day two i still feel like day one...scary.

  5. I have one nice handsome, relatively young and most importantly, RICH prospect. Never mind that he has other wives, but since you will be the youngest, his attention is urs for at least 3 yrs till a new and "yellower" lady comes along.

    Also, he is Muslim, so you might be subjected to sharia law but that is minor compared to the money and trophy he will give you for being his 4th wife.

  6. Allied, u wan kill
    Sorry about the feelings you've been having - sometimes I feel like dat too. I wonder why?
    Who's Dr Mchandy...take am easy ooooh. That does not look like a dr-patient text at all.

  7. come i ididnt meet you...anyway i came last last last....tayo caused it cos i was calling hima dn he kept saying nobody has come i thot..ooohh african time and on my arrival evrything is finished...tho i had my own fun at the bar,,,nice place... ..take car.e.

  8. I BETTER GET MY SPICE...just boiled more meat...

    wouldn't mind being a trophy wife either..but then again..might be boring...but not if i could travel the whole world...hmmm...going to where footballers hang right now!!!

  9. allied...haba now, u no try o, it has to be me and me alone, i want the janded trophy wife type, with a cute well built hubby n not an old flappy alahaji or anna nicole type

    u feel like u want to be a trophy hubby?'
    mchandy is supposed to be my therapist, gives me massage n all.
    exactly wat i thot when i got the text.

    oyi, easy na, u'll get it asp.infact its going in the mail today(hopefully)

    when u see the footballers. look for one that has potential for me, on my knees begging

  10. lol...kness begging look good enough to bag one..

  11. Sorry o my sista. The 9 to 5 grind is a killer. But don't quit yet until you have a clear plan.

    So you made the bloggers party? Sounds like it was good fun. If I was in Naija I think I would have been there for sure.

    These your pictures are getting more and more revealing by the way. We can almost see ya face!

  12. i gotta admit i'm jealous of those guys

    but i might not be a baller but i got rap

    and that can get you a lot if you nice wit it

  13. lol am getting em G's baby n am goin to the studio so its in the process...member what happend wit kanye some people aint believe in him..but look at him now

    You should have known frm the jump(begining)
    That you'd always get dumped,
    So dust off your fuck me pumps..'yeh thats the last

    I like that line cos some girls in pumps can act so stush like they all that, till dudes play em for fools n leave they ass...sorry for me going on sha lol

    I see that girl in the news a'day
    her voice is good but not her looks n habits

  14. hey
    happy new year
    hows it been and hows work treating u so far?

    dont worry, ur dreams will come true this year

    clear hubby, lol'

    yes i was at the get together, twas fun, hopefully it'd be a regular thing.

    thats as clear as i'll get with the pix man,i couldnt blur it like i wanted.

    bring it on man.i'll b extremely nice with it...

    My bad,JUMP...
    that line u wrote on girls in pumps?...OUCH!

    i'm rooting for u man,now i'd love to hear something u've done, n i hope i never have to sing kanye's words to you 'But I know that God put you in front of me
    So how the hell could you front on me?' lol'

    i'm aight dude, and happy new year to u too.
    i claim the dreams come true part, thanks.

  16. kilode..i only went on small hiatus, i cant even find space to write a comment on your

  17. wow!! am sure u hate being back at work dear, but wat can u do hummm? its only those rich ones that dont need to work at
    seriously, i go with u on the professional sending u txt messgs, serious wahala in the making


  18. The Blogger get together? I missed that one. I feel you on the getting back to work thingy. Look on the bright side though, you got a holiday, Supergirl was at the office through out slaving her ass out and i dont get another holiday cos im changing jobs. How nice.


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