Happy thanksgiving!...

I thought to do a thanksgiving post that really means something to me, not because I got tagged to do the 7 things to be thankful post like last year, but because I realize how lucky I am although I fail to recognise that fact sometimes. It doesn’t matter that most times i claim to be satisfied and happy, then i discover more wants and needs and thus feel like I’m sad and empty…..theres always a bunch of stuff to be thankful for….and I’ve got everything to be thankful for all year round every minute. Of course there’s no stuffed turkey and overflowing table, but then we nigerians know how to celebrate thanksgiving all year round, its either this aunty is doing a thanksgiving or that uncle or that friend, and we all dress our best, go to church, then go home, eat, drink and dance to stupor…..

Heres to thanksgiving….and although there are a millon things to be thankful for, theres still a zillion I couldn’t remember, my 101 things to be thankful for

1. That God exists.
2. my mom, my source of inspiration
3. my sisters cos they’re my sisters,they’re the best
4. my nieces
5. my brother, for who he is. My personal prince charming
6. my family, because as much as we’ve a dramatic crew, theres always the love that binds.
7. For blogville. Blogger.com is a home away from home, a place where virtual friends lurk as we click away our words, and there we are, maybe having coffee at starbucks, or in the tube, or at work or the mall, we’re always just a click away from knowing someone across the atlantic knows what you’re going through and knows the right word to sooth a situation
8. Second chances, for healing and restoration
9. Pilates

10. Cell phones
11. Cameras
12. Wii
13. Blackberry….yes pinging away all day long
14. my ipod
15. ray charles, Sinatra, muddy waters, nina simone…..old school music, cos they define the real essence of music, they are the soul of beats and rhythms, and soul massage.

16. notebooks, plain and empty, waiting for me to scribble words down
17. the internet…well cos it’s the internet
18. oreos
19. ice cream
20. Opportunities and the will to grab them.
21. Deola sagoe
22. Joe at strands and Mabel at touch of glamour for those wonderful hair days and Turayo.
23. the sound of my nieces playing and just being sisters
24. Handbags…it doesn’t matter if I have them or not, I just love to view them
25. cold rainy days ,staying home, a hot drink and a good book
26. laughter and the fact that i can laugh at myself
27. carrie bradshaw…. For the wonderful life of sex and the city
28. shoes
29. prayers, those moments spent in prayers

30. yahooza chicken and massa in abuja….
31. fura de nunu
32. chocolates
33. cerealac….
34. yellow chilli
35. Spas and the days spent there….
36. Those hideous drama series that i cant help but love/watch cos I get a chance to be self righteous for a reason…gossip girl…ewww,
37. Sherly temple movies
38. Freshly laundered towels
39. Theatre @ tera kulture…
40. Fudge cake
41. Moments when everything seems so clear in my head and breathing in and out is so easy
42. Days I forget the pain of hypermobilty like today and yesterday
43. Ice cold coke on a hot hot day
44. Tesco coconut cake
45. Lip gloss
46. Christmas and the giddy joy I inevitably feel just because of all it brings family, food, drinks, gifts warmth laughter and love….perfecto
47. Andrea borceli
48. generators, lets face it, thats mans greatest invention especially if you leave in nigeria
49. movies…from the cheesy musicals to the gangsta speaking
50. poetry reading

51. those moments when I try to write some ryhmes and it comes out stupid and I know it doesn’t mean I’m bad at writing poetry, I just don’t know how to put the words down right sometimes:) talk about denial. lol
52. Winnie the pool, that sweet honey sucking bear has taught me lots of lessons despite its dimwit self…
53. maya angelou
54. for the ability to be tolerant…I haven’t broken a windscreen in anger….yet.
55. when my niece gaby calls me baby aunty joy
56. or her sister Steph’s wannabe big girl attitude and her questions as frustrating as they be
57. road trips that are fun trips and not too long :)
58. Pancakes
59. Tyler Perry

60. those days in lagos when traffic is light, you can actually feel the breeze on your face when the windows down and your driving
61. I cant see into the future as badly as I want to and the fact that I know i wouldnt know till the future is my present its a blessing in disguise
62. Books….
63. Confession of a Shopaholic series, as embarrassingly chiclit as it be, I’ve learned a lot from Becky Bloomwood on savinging which is basicly nothing, but she makes me feel better about myself.
64. Jeans
65. days that were good at work….like before the market plunge
66. daydreams, my ticket away from the chaos around me without actually loosing myself
67. La senza
68. For friends…those who genuinely are, those I met this year that’ve been wonderful, and even those who aren’t so genuine
69. For a breakthrough, no matter how little it maybe, in my quest for self discovery

70. That I’m not every woman
71. For the mistakes I’ve made for they’ve taught me the greatest lessons
72. For safe trips all the times I went off on a journey somewhere.
73. For family..did I mention that ?
74. Friendly smiles.
75. For flowers, I may not be the nature freak, but everytime I receive flowers it makes me feel special and loved and……..
76. For those old time drama series, cos they’re just about something….cosby show, little house on the praire. Look what I’ve got now…gossip girl
77. That the world can move on despite the diasters of the year
78. That Obama’s finally won and now loads of people would be able to prep ourselves with just thoughts of look what he did for himself and the world can shut up already with talks of him...he really isnt that sleek,
79. That I’ve got the comforts of life, life at its nearest perfection and I’ve been able to remember that others would die to have mine those moments when I wish to have someone else’s.

80. For facebook, a place to explore when seating in one of those waiting rooms, or waiting for your labs or ….working.
81. Books on quotes
82. Sunday mornings when I actually meet the praise and worship sessions in church.
83. For discovery, things I’ve been able to teach myself
84. Enid blyton and the grimms fairy tales…for they’re the platform that I climb in my bid to runaway to childhood. Now whats there this days? Instead of fairies and gnomes theres harry potter and witches.
85. For the days when I call myself stupid and still feel great about me
86. For Bumight, cos she was mad i didnt thank her on my facebook note and because i'm really thankful i'll finally get to meet my cousin this christmas.
87. for my job, i know how helpless i feel sometimes when i'm off work, although i crave for those moments
88. for wii...oh right i've mentioned it before, well i'm thankfu for american idols and godfather on wii
89. jill scott

90. heaven
91. the beach
92. holidays
93. christmas trees, cos as the lights come on, so do the dark shadows in my life seem to come alive
94. church, church, church, and the chance to fellowship
99. I ‘m thankful for being me, who I am and no one else, because I’m the best person that can be me and no one else
100. for life
101. for the chance to be thankful….


  1. Ah ah only you all these plenty things???????

    Anyway even i have got a longer list of stuff to be thankful for :D

    I'm also thankful to be firrssst ;0

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Wow!!!
    As i was scrolling down I started thinking if I would be able to count 101 things to be thankful for, in fact you have put me to the test, it might not make it to blogspot, but I'll let you know...
    14,17 and 19 are definitely on my list....ipod, internet and icecream.

  4. Babe, clap for yourself. you tried gan. Its good to be thankful really that way God keeps seeing reasons to bless us more.

  5. yay! #86!!!
    lol, I'm thankful for a lot of things esp the opportunity to be with my friends this thanksgiving and not buried under a book.
    also thankful for half of the things on ur list,and you too!

    Happy thanksgiving!!

  6. Enid Blyton!!!!!

    Which of the Strands salons?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Wow thats some list! Im also thankful for my family, my best friend, my friends, blogville, lip gloss, gossip girl, ice cream, cold coke, shoes...gosh, i cud go on!

  8. Wow thats some list! Im also thankful for my family, my best friend, my friends, blogville, lip gloss, gossip girl, ice cream, cold coke, shoes...gosh, i cud go on!

  9. happy thanksgiving too..and yes, we have to be thankful for fudge cakes

  10. I am happy for EVERYTHING!!!

    But right now, i want suya and Green sands shandy (I know, that goes way back!)


  11. There is always an endless list of what to be grateful for.

  12. Happy thanksgiving dear'
    i'm thankful for life.

  13. Thankful for Theatre@Terra?
    I'm humbled. Really.
    Please say hello when you come in again.

  14. what a list! Im interested in nos 94-98 u left out.

  15. Hope you had a great thanksgiving... its great to write down and reflect all the things we are grateful for

  16. lol @ ur list but im thankful for the same amount as well! its been a while i was here !!! gosh how've u been...x

  17. ok here it'll be different!!

    ipod, laptop (i cant believe i didnt put my laptop) wii, wii fit, my friends, my past experiences...etc!!

  18. Lol.
    You remind me of some book I had as a kid.
    They asked some little boy for things he loved and 90 percent of them were edible.

    I'm thankful for Blogville too.
    I'm thankful for you!

  19. oh i so love(d) Enid Blyton

    some of her stories were also kinda scary neways........

    so i guess today's kids like to be scared.........

    babes 101 stuff to be thankful for?
    i guess you gor tired of typing.......

    every sec u breath........there is something to be thankful for........happy holidays!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. youve inspired me to post my list..tanx.

  21. I can't believe what I am seeing...wow I am so inspired.

    How have you been? So long a time. I have missed you.

    Take care.

  22. (In my best primary school voice)Count your blessings, name them one by one...count your blessings see what God has done...

    Its amazing how many things we need to be thankful for...things we take for granted....

    I am grateful I enjoy sex...heard some people don't...i dont envy their life one bit...

  23. I'm thankful to You girl for putting up this post.
    i'm thankful to God for letting me read it.
    I'm also thankful for Enid blyton Storybooks. They made childhood interesting.

  24. I'm thankful to You girl for putting up this post.
    i'm thankful to God for letting me read it.
    I'm also thankful for Enid blyton Storybooks. They made childhood interesting.

    @afro, yes thats something to be grateful for girl!

  25. sorry im late but i thank god for you queenie

    i hope you are in good health

  26. It was v.nice to meet you, m'queen. You'll have a real conversation the next time?

  27. See list o
    I had to get a pop corn box plus soda
    It's like being at the movies

    How have u been gurl?


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