old fashioned mommy!!

I love my mom cos she’s the most unassuming person in the world. Here I am trying to write something about mom, I’ve got my mushy mushy love song playlist on itunes ‘I honestly love you ‘ by Oliver newton john is playing now, but rather than think of some dream man singing the blues to me I’m thinking about this woman, whose love has been strung together and worn like strands and strands of pearls and diamonds around the whole essence of me.

My mom is your ‘fashionable old fashioned’ mother who isn’t so new school (I must not be misunderstood here). I define old fashioned in terms of the little things she wouldn’t bother herself with like the internet, her friends exchange email addys and she shamelessly says ‘I don’t have one’ she’s got one though, one she’s never signed in to. What’s the point anyways? She’s always got some child to do the dirty work of the internet for her. How fortunate she is, never to get addicted to stuff like facebook and Google and Gucci sites, instead she’ll relax in bed after a long day with magazines and books we recommend and she’s happy to discuss them with us if we want, and how excited she gets when we want to talk about the books of back in the day i.e those by wole soyinka and chinue achebe….

Momma doesn’t care for sending text messages, she loves to read them, and don’t see it as rude when she doesn’t reply, she just can’t be bothered with sending a tedious text when she’s not even bothered with emails, she would rather call which suites me better, cos the sound of her voice everyday is like an embrace in the warmth of her which is pure translates to pure bliss.(she was forced to start replying sms recently though)
The woman loves to shop, and the best thing about her is her unassuming nature, she wouldn’t settle for less of what she sees as best. She knows good quality over brand names. So although she wouldn’t dish out names of designers when it comes to bags, she holds the best of them ignorantly and when i point out a name, she looks on lost and says ‘don’t know, bought it the other day from so and so’.  how many people shop that way these days, purely because they like an item and not because it’s a designer and they’ve just got to be seen holding it? She shops for the design and quality, not fad…. Don’t get me wrong, she knows her jewelries well,and perfumes and her creams, but the bags and shoes names are the little things she wouldn’t sweat about, as long as they're of the best quality.

She’s my mother the one who’s always believed in giving us the best of things, not because she wants to show off, but cos she genuinely believes we need the best of everything she can give or why else would she plough the earth so hard?(that statement is to point out how hard working she is) Thus I’ve owned things beyond my age, and she’s happy, not because people would point and talk, but because its what she can give me.
I love my mommy who’s old fashioned in most things modern except love…


  1. awwwwwwwwwww

    am i first?
    print out a copy
    she needs to know

  2. awww i luv ur mommy :-)
    n like ib said..... she nids to kno

  3. Women, old fashioned or new fashioned, who are Mothers in every sense of that word deserve all the love and attention that you can give to them because theirs are lives of selflessness. http://streamsong.blogspot.com

  4. Awww, this made me think about my ma, she can't be bothered about anything either, lol.....I guess that's what keeps them going.

  5. Oh...mums are the best and urs sound really sweet!
    I hope she gets to read this.

  6. Very beautiful. Its making me itch to post what I have been composing for my mum's birthday. She will be 50 soon.

  7. i love my mummy 2.n she is even more old sch dan urs.n troublesome like me.but i love her al d same

  8. Mom's r sooo special and intresting. My mom is quite a character, she is everytin n more to me.
    Cherish her well o.!!!!

  9. "of her voice everyday is like an embrace in the warmth of her which is pure translates to pure bliss."

    This is such a lovely post.
    Your mama needs to read this.

    Pray she live long.

  10. how nice and toushing...makes me wanna call my mom... or maybe i should just go ahead and do that. its been a while anyways!

  11. wow. really touchin. love my mum a whole lot too.

  12. awwwwww this is swt.hop ur mum gets2 read this...

  13. i feel you on that queenie

    you can learn a lot from the old tymers

    because every thing you are going through or havent went through yet they have already been through


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