and then there's the uzoma okere's story, i first heard about her from the office driver on one of our unauthorized parol, i assumed it was the normal, 'them say, he say' untill i saw the video.
God help us in nigeria.
i know if it was me...all hell would be loose and those souls will be screaming in there by now.
hopefully the law will stand supreme in this case despite the rank of this so called animal whose convoy was allegedly disrupted.
Lagos state governor fashola has promised to foot the legal fees of the victim.
click on ireport to watch the footage, not clear enough or long enough but it certainly shows enough.
guardian , punch to read some more.

if it was a guy, then as inexcusable as it is to beat a human cos he wouldn't clear the way for you i'd understand. but to beat a girl up like she was some piece of rag and even have her clothes off...thats inhumane. especially from naval officers. i remember how i always imagined they were the gentliest of all the uniforms.


  1. Take it easy dear! Stress is very real! and damn! you have liver o, you only cried..lord knows what I would have done

  2. keep juggling dear, it only gets worse the older we get. pele

    that Uzoma's story upset me no end! my friend who witnessed it live, as the incidence occurred on her street, already gave me the gist on Tuesday. I was sooooo mad! THEN i saw the video on ireport online ystday, then i got madder.

    What insolence!

    these guys are getting out of hand by the day and nobody is doing anything about it.

    i refrained from writing about it only cuz i cldnt find the right words.

  3. sorry, it's Smaragd, a friend and fellow blogger signed in on my system.

  4. and i'm back!

    yep, sorry for the mix-up, but u cld help welcome dainty to blogsville as well dearie

  5. crazy how u just get so stressed sometymes and all the bottled up stuff overflows.........

    multitasking......thats y u are female..

  6. yh... u need to slow down, you are working yourself out like a horse!

  7. awww poor u!

    wow im just hearin bout this story for the 1st time..wtf???


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