9years gone!!!!

Todays daddys 9th year away from us. Its like gush, so soon?
But above all, I know God reigns supreme and he's always been our comfort.
Its progress that I haven't cried over daddy YET, still too early to pat myself on the back though:)
I'm glad he was my dad even thouigh once in a while I felt and still feel like wriggling his neck:)
I'm glad for the first fifteen years of my life with him.
I'm glad he called me his "star baby" and his "mummy"
I'm glad he added a large quantity of laughter in my life
I'm glad that he was who he was,
I'm glad that despite all the wrong I feel he did, I still love him so.
I miss you dada and I love you even more!!!
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  1. Awwww how sweet!!!

    Have a wonderful week ;)

  2. Another year gone by already? how time flys. I remember dropping a comment on his 8years gone blog. Remember him for all the good he did sweets, he was your dad and he loved you. Have a blessed week ahead

  3. 9 years already?1? It is nice that you captured the sweet memories...makes him alive within you...

    It is well. I pray each year takes the pain away. I believe if he was here today, he would be so proud of you.

    Take care dear...

  4. It never gets easier does it...I dont believe it ever will....

  5. hmmm' it is well'
    have a blessed day

  6. Sending you big hugs 'daddy's girl'

    So you have a blackberry en? Can we be bb buddies? I'm an addict! lol

    Take care

  7. sorry about ur dada.....thank God u still love him despite.......

  8. i'm so sorry about ur dad FQ, i dont know what else to say.

    ur previous post had me in stitches! cupid dead? lol

    oh and i love love Sophie Kinsella and the confessions of a shopaholic, but as always, movies generally kill books! it's a given.

    myt just meet u up at the cinema...

  9. im glad uve great memories of him and im sure he'd be very very proud of u.......

  10. eyah! This was a wonderful testament to your father.

    Take heart, my sista.

  11. you miss him & Love him even more.
    This a wonderful testimony of how u felt/fell bout your dad.

    be strong.

  12. hey...am sure ur dad is smiling down at u from heaven

  13. Beautiful post. He would be proud of the woman you have become.

  14. Lovely post...The memories would be dere forever. U have grown to be a Strong woman.

  15. thanks people....
    i'm glad i've become a stronger person and i'm glad that i can say he'll be proud of me to an extent:)

  16. Nothing whatsoever can erase the smile "I'm glad he added a large quantity of laughter in my life"
    'em we love left on our faces when we remember them.

    ....and someday, we all shall meet to part no more.


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