and thou shall know the truth....

it was hard enough coming up with stories that'd create doubt...

YES i have flown in the nigerian presidential jet, way before my man jonathan, or uncle musa and baba iyabo flew in it:)
I flew with a past head of states son(who was in power then), the son of the cbn governor, another past military leaders daughter and a ministers daughter....we had to go to lagos to catch an international flight, missed our flight to lagos or rather it was a full flight, and so do you keep the head of states son waiting? you really dont want him to miss his international flight do you? NO. thus the jet was at our disposal, when we got back to the country late at night a week later, of course the jet was waiting to bring us straight to abuja as we couldnt wait to go home, and spending a night in lagos was not an alternative....
now i wish i was older when I did the hobnobing, that we were all older, so i could use the connections to get ahead, get contracts and all the deals that did make me a bigz girlz, and maybe one of them would have proposed(thinking back they all had a crush on my almost developed boobs)so i'd be having huge bites of the national cake now, have a huge wedding and get cars and houses as presents from the eye servers:)

YES i got suspended from school for leaving without permission, and yes i stayed with a brigadier general old enough to be my gran pa, it was the period after dads death and i was on the rebell, i felt life was too short to be far from the edge, i wanted to be out of school and i did it, for no reason. it wasnt anything dramatic as jumping the fence, i just smiled at the security guards and confidently walked out, they didnt demand to check for an exit cos of course the quite girl wouldnt dare try to leave without one.(i had one of my friends sign a fakey for me though, just incase my cool decor didnt work)
but of course you dont think the brig was a boyfriend no? he was my uncle, more of a family friend, but i've been close to him since i was little, i'd rather stay in his house in garki than the house in maitama. he loved to spoil me, outings to amigos and loads of chocolates and junkies for school, and meals out. i was the queen of his manor. mom wasnt so mad but a bit shocked when she heard i was suspended, it was out of character and i guess she figured i was dealing with stuff. my sweet brig helped talk the school to softening my punishment to just one week of suspension since i went home and not some place else. i had a ball staying home that week, only thing that got hurt was my pride, i lost a bit of the principals respect for me, but in no time she was back to loving me again(yes, i've got charms like that...

YES i have been confronted with huge images and statues of kim il sung all over north korea, on the breast of the suits of his officials and hanging in the houses of the citizens, the walls of the hotel rooms and i'm sure underwears of the citizens too. i have visited his birth place and been made to taste the water from the well he drank from and nod my head in satisfaction...'such great water our great leader drank'...yes its lol'able but true
i was made to gasp in amazement at the machines he used to plough the fields.(That's how much they adore him)
i have visited his tomb where his body is laid for everyone to go and awe over "oh what great leader he was"...and i have been hosted to a private dinner by the foreign minister (of course 'i' means me and the group i was with)

but i have never met the great leader, he was long dead even before my first trip to north korea. thus this is my lie.

there you have it, my 2 truths and a lie......


  1. thank goodness you did not harness the connections from riding in the presidential jet, with the subsequent contract and national cake sharing. you'd have been one of the people on whose heads nigerians now rain curses

  2. see, i knew that #3 was the lie!

  3. Seee? I knew no 2 was a lie...go check my previous

    Babe if unna like tag me one million times, I aint doing this or the 25 random thing one going round fb..

    wish You rode that jet now, then I would have held on to u big very own bestie!!!

  4. wow, i didn't participate, but this was still interesting stuff to find out about you.

  5. i did guess you sneaked out but i believed the old man was a relative

    most people were the innocents we were expected to that age

  6. You visited North Korea? Wow! Would love to see that country someday.

  7. Wow...iwish you were older when you flew the presidential jet too!

    Mailing you my pin now...

  8. i missed picking out the lie. so u still in contacts with ur flight mates?

  9. somehow...all of them sound true...

  10. you have a way with words girl!

    nice that you keep discovering yourself!

  11. you have a way with words girl!

    nice that you keep discovering yourself!

  12. Hmm...
    Interesting life you have lived.

  13. *with heads lifted high* Wow!!! ....and wrote confidently believing i couldn't be wrong. But then, now i know so, next time won't be wrong.

    "i just smiled at the security guards and confidently walked out..." if only we knew that with confidence, we can have the world at our finger tips.


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