valentine is suspended, who murdered cupid?

I've been on a hiatus in fantasy world with Eros,it was the funeral of cupid,i would mention who killed him but that'd be telling,(personally i think he died of overdose, gave himself a little too much of his medicine, he was one greedy sucker) a new cupid has been appointed, hes still a little shaky with the bow and arrow but i'm in love with him already. he has promised me that valentine would be suspended indefinitely, until his favorite person(me of course) is willing to partake in the occasion, thus none shall glow in love on the 14th.
i was really touched especially as he went on to explain that since hes a little shaky with his targets, he'll like to perfect his shoots before pairing me up.:)

so, i have gone weary in love. I'm superb at loving, if only i can get the right person to love. and that's the problem with me, how do i know if hes right. i always have an excuse for not dating. sometimes i come this close to liking a person, I'm seen everywhere with him, always hanging out, he even begins to get the illusion that we are 'we' and i'm not 'me' anymore, and suddenly just when i begin to consider actually giving him the official tag of 'boyfriend' i get cold feet. or i jinx the feeling by actually mentioning it to people that i might actually like him, then i start to see reason as i talk about him and then i run off, slippers in hands.
looks like i'm in deep shit, but i haven't lost hope on myself, and hopefully those who shake their heads at me havent either...hopefully.

lagos polo tournaments on.i admit its not as glamorous as the polo i crave in 'wish list',(i still want to learn to play, but for now i'll just watch) the grounds are not as rich as that in kaduna or abraka, the horses aren't as fleshy, well some are, but its every bit as interesting. i might even put polo just above football in the sports i love list. there's something glamorously endearing about men riding horses and swinging mallets...i've not been a regular at the polo club cos of work, i wish i could watch every game, but i certainly would be there on Saturday, the last day of the tournament.
maybe that'd be an early valentine treat for me. cos next week i intend to be home, and although it'd be a little mean receiving gifts, that's what i intend to do, to stay home and accept gifts(if they come, i'm sounding a little too smug hope i'm not disappointed:)

or i'll probably head out to genesis cinema at the palms, confession of a shopaholic would be showing for valentine, the upcoming Shopaholic movie honestly is crappy. The plot is almost completely changed, and goodness the costumes? Becky would never dress that way, my feisty Becky who is a britico in the book is played by an american, as in I had all this images of becky in my head and isla fisher doesn’t fit, I mean did they read the book? Hunky charming luke Brandon is cast as Hugh Dancy and the geeky millionaire character Tarquin was cut off,
Not my idea of fabulous. How dare they ruin a perfectly beautiful and imaginative book with this?

I’ll watch it all the same to get more criticism down, and murder my soul a little with each scene that trashes my dear rebecca brandon nee bloomwood.

If you haven’t read the 'confession of a shopaholic' series by sophie kinsella you should,(afrobabe i've told you to get it) I swear after the first part you’ll run out in the cold to look for the other parts. i looked for a denny and george scarf and an angel bag to buy after reading the book, was so disappointed to find out it was fictional :( don’t and I repeat DON’T watch the movie if you haven’t read the book, it might turn you off completely.

ciaociao y'all,


  1. Whoever started valentine's day must have been a business genius cos am certain it was a business and or marketing strategy designed to sell something. What's love got to do with it?

  2. i wonder too ablackjamesbond..... its d stupid card companies
    FQ, im so glad theres a new cupid who has suspended the day for people like us..... my same thots about confessions of a shopaholic but i'd go see it

  3. I might just go your route and gos see a movie too on Val's day.
    wetin poor princesa go do now?;)

  4. ahh, former favorite holiday. i'll try to keep myself from sleeping through the entire day...WAIT, thats not a bad idea! LOL

  5. soon it will be feb 15th and the orld can eagerly await a real holiday...........

  6. world.........typo...not orld.....

  7. funny thing is ive read ALL the other shopaholic series except this one. i dont think i'll waste my money seeing the movie...better to invest it on the book, even though i dont know when i'll get to read it.

  8. and now women have abducted the day. woe betide the man that forgets

  9. Off to get the book then...

    Mennnn this val is going to be worse than last val cos its freezing on top of everything...cant go see boyfie here cos naija boyfie will be on the fon 247....

  10. I'm going to watch the movie, & not read the series.
    Don't wanna feel the way you feel bout the whole thing.

    Abeg love o.
    But at the right time.
    I think you'll know when to.

  11. blackjamesbond....its the writers, they pen in sloppy words and cash in on them.

    fums...going to see shopaholic too, just so i'm not cocooned home.

    princesa...a whole princess would be lounging alone? tsk tsk tsk..whats the world turning into?

    saved, maybe in dreamland it'll be a wonderful day too.


    bumight...confession of a shopaholic is the first of the 3/4 parts, i'm sure you're read it but the name sounds different, the movie is a combination of all the parts. betide him, off with his head, off with his head...he could use my excuse though "sweety, i heard vals has been suspended indefinately"

    afrobabe...i will report you, two timing? when i havent even got one *sulking*

    oluwadee...blessed are they that are married, for love is just within your grasp:)

    i think u should read the book after seeing the movie. its a fun fun book. trust me.
    and it'd be something interesting to do while rabbi is on call.

  12. I am just quietly waiting for Feb 15th :)

    I don't like when they replace British book characters with Americans and I don't think Isla was the right choice either! The producers are trying for another Sarah Jessica Parker but that's not how the book was at all :(

  13. one of my bestest friends is a loyal fan o that series and has tried to suck me in.

    But I refuse. I will not fall for it. Not even your glowing reviews.


  14. Hey, you cant really call it 2 timing...more like eggs split in

  15. LOL, this whole valentine saga is getting to another level...

    please let not your heart be weary.

  16. i'm waitin, but for feb 15th, when it'll all be over

  17. ugh... Val's day. I'm going to hide out in my parent's place that day so I won't have to hear the superficial oohing and aahing of my fellow woman kind as they receive one cliched gift or the other.

  18. lol. Bros Cupid is still alive. so Package all the availables for your loved ones. Prove that you are "superb at loving"!

  19. funny. the guy is still alive. Percieve folks!!!

  20. "...if only i can get the right person to love." the very bane of many of our generation.
    *thinking* there must be a remedy, i should embark on a journey to find it.


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