a few of my favorite things.....

was going through my photo archives, and this brilliant idea popped out, do a post on 'a few of my favorite things' with some of the pictures, so yes, i was really bored in the middle of the night. but i had fun doing it.

My camera and i
I love my camera. I love taking pictures. i'm no expert, i dont really care about iso speeds and whatever grammar they speak with photography. i just love to take pictures. and i love my Sony camera although i've been lusting after the Nixon D90. i'm hoping to get myself one for Christmas or get one as a Christmas present:)

the pearl set and i
There are some things you cant let go of, no matter how broke you are. once you see it displayed you know you've got to get it. I saw this piece and fell in love with it. I was hooked, I was broke, I had a sleepless night, twas like a druggie who needed a fix. I finally had to break in to my secret stash to pick it up before the other bidders beat me to it. For over a year I’ve had it just seating in a case, never worn it, till about a month ago when i finally got to show it off. I fell in love all over again.

the beach and i
i love the beach. i love the sand, i love the feel of the water on my legs, that pull( i never go more than a few feet into the water:)), i just stay close enough for the waves to touch me. there's something soothing about sitting and staring into the ocean, vast and blue and so mysterious, makes me think of me........
the borrowed wristwatches and i
one is a mont blanc and the other a chanel. i love these watches. but unfortnunately they arent mine, just took them for these shots, belong to my sis.... i also love the pinkie rings, especially this gold ring with three tiny diamonds stones in it
tesco coconut cake and / oreos crumbled in vanilla bluebunny icecream
Oreos, separated, cream licked off and crumbled into a bowl of bluebunny vanilla flavored icecream…my guilty pleasure. I love. Then this coconut cream cake from tesco….my my my, mouthgasm is the word, the way it melts in my mouth...wow.....i try to get a steady supply of cake coming in to lasgidi, but its becoming a burden on my family *sigh*

cool aid and i

yes its all about the food:). i love kool aid in every flavor it comes in.

muimui and i
This bag….carries everything…makes it feel easier to be a lady without feeling clumsy with yourself for having so much stuff to carry. It hides everything, from a pack of cereals to that extra pair of slippers to the dvd sets to the pile load of books and a change of clothes, to the bulky camera and cos its so big, its easier for money to get lost in it, so on that day you're really broke at home, and you take your time to search, you find some good 'ol naira note you need to recharge your phone

river island and i
i love this river island bag, and i love it even more cos its so cheap and georgeous.

mac and i
its true what they say, once you go mac, you cant go back. been using it for just over a year and now using any other laptop is pure torture. i'm such a faithful convert.

candles and i
i love candles. Nothing stimulates the mind more than candles. i love to light them up in dark rooms and just watch them flicker and burn while i inhale the sweet and almost heady scents. And days when i'm really bored, i play around with them, move objects and watch how they glow in the light, then i take pictures.

food and i
i love well presented buffet tables . i'm not a big eater, but i love food. especially during occasions, which is such a drag as eating at events is such work for me(trying to act all babe like, while i starve to death). so i can only go crazy with buffets when its at events done at home. by crazy i mean, having a taste of whatever looks interesting and safe.

red velvet and i
i'm beginning to feel like a food junkie. i'm not. i love this one from hummingbirds bakery, omgoodness, you need to try it out, and cos we dont have any hummingbird bakery in niaja, my sis decided to try baking one herself when the crave for some red velvet cake almost gave us the shakes. she did a good job, it was just as delicious….although it doesn't look exactly like the real thing:) she tried vamping it up a little by just pouring melted chocolate on it to give it some extra something something,this was a first attempt, the second was even better.

shopping and i
every girl loves to shop. i love to shop, although i confess, i hate the process of shopping. i wish i could seat in a shop and all the shopping comes to me. makes it more convenient and even more fun than walking my feet out. this were pictures were taken while unpacking stuff sometime last year.

wii and i
i love my wii. especially wii fit. then i do a little wii sports, and then i'm a fan of fifa 09 my fun moments with fifa is playing as arsenal against man u, and making arsenal loose woefully:) i even have arsenal players scoring against themselves.....ahhh, the joy of virtual world. the wii fit has helped keep me fit. seriously, i do yoga and suddenly i'm doing stretches i never imagined i could. i love boxing too and step dancing. although i havent been on the board for a little over two months, i hope to continue gaming soon enough.

year of the ox pendant
this is the Chinese symbol of an ox, which represents the year of my birth. i've had it for about 6 years, in silver. i had a gold duplicate made for me while in dubai last year. I try not to get interested in all the zodiacs cos i feel they're not what a christian should do. but i think this is different from the everyday zodiac. the year of the ox has some story attached to it, according to the books The Ox symbolizes prosperity through fortitude and hard work. Those born under the influence of the Ox are fortunate to be stable and persevering (of course in my view you cant be all that without God)." Oxen do not appear to be imaginative (not so sure about this bit) though they are capable of good ideas(this i know). Although not demonstrative or the most exciting people romantically (so wrong)they're entirely dependable(right on point), and make devoted parents. Oxen are renowned for their patience, bit it has its limits, once roused, their temper is a sight to behold(yeah, you should see me flare up)" kind of true. and i really do make a wonderful mummy...ask my nieces.

house and i
dr Gregory House. why I haven’t been following house till recently still dazzles me. I love that grumpy funny arrogant doctor. mcdreamy what? Greys anatomy what?...move over, Dr house is in the house.
funny thing about watching all the medical dramas is somehow you get educated and familiar with terms, you actually feel like you could be a really cool doctor. and then theres the panic attack when you get a headache and blurred vision, you start panicking and thinking maybe its something more, maybe you should go see dr. House, what would Dr Foreman, Dr Cameron and Dr chase think it is? would they have to call dr. Cuddy in for a consult. well thankGod its only a headache afterall.

my praise and i
Redeemed praise and worship meley. Awesome. I love the talking drum, makes me want to marry a Yoruba man, so we can get our praise on together:)
nothing sounds sweeter than hearing God’s name praised and worshiped in Yoruba. i just cant explain that feeling. this would probably be playing on repeat if you get in my car.

Pure T,Mac and i
Germaine de Capuccini's "PURE T" skin range is the shizzle. its the perfect therapy for my oily skin. I love it, and I love Yeni at barazahi even more for recommending it to me. and the mac primer is a winner too. thanks to the two oily face isn’t such a lover of my face anymore.

shoes and i

i got these pair about 2months ago, never used them. but i love staring at them, jessica simpsons song comes to play when i bring it out 'these shoes are meant for walking, and some day i'm gonna walk all over you" :)

flowers and i

i'm not exactly crazy about flowers, but i love to recieve them, be from a hater or a wannabe lover or a friend. theres this feel good enzyme it sends to my brain. i'm almost stoned with being happy. i dont go all sniffing on them, but i love the flash of colors, and the look of envy because 'yes, the flowers are for me' when the delivery guy comes knocking.

nicole farhi and i

Nicole farhi femme…this is my favorite perfume ever…unfortunately it’s almost finished and I dont have an extra supply. thanks to the fact that you dont find it in every store, you'd think it was so expensive from the way it gets scarce. I love it, its unique. Its like my secret stash, I wipe it out on special special occasions.

money and i
i put this on the list cos without money how do i get some of my favorite things? everybody likes money. its when you serve and worship money that you know you're in serious trouble. well money's so serving me or it will pretty soon. and it's one of my favorite servants:)

amongst other favorites are...my blackberry. i really cant use any other phone anymore. my second line has been abandoned for a bit cos the iphone just gets dumber by the day. even dear old nokia phones i was faithful to have become such bores...sigh. as long as i havent gone crazy or checked into a home for bb addiction after a year plus. i'll stick to the crankberry.

my bible and i.....…I’m going intimate with God and studying his word is like a letter from a lover. Very refreshing, very honest and true and comforting and uplifting. my open heavens daily devotion by pastor Adeboye and ODM(our daily manna) are faves too. they serve as a GPS system for me in navigating through life. its taught me how to navigate my way out of anger and depression and fear and frustration.

theres the spa....these days barazahi spa(gosh they've got to pay me for hyping them up so good). but trust me they're so good. i've recommended some stiff neck guys(i dont do spas in naija types) there and well, they've gone a second time.
going to the spa is one of my favorite things to do. its relaxing. you're secluded from the world for a few hours, just you and the therapist who respects the need for silence as she works on you. i love the herbal massage. it doesnt just relax your muscles, it relaxes your senses too, i'm not a sucker for facials, but i know i have to do it. i love body scrubs and mud wraps, and steam rooms and the jacuzzi, the Spanish manicures and pedicures...the hated waxing that i try to avoid as much as i can. Its luxury sometimes, but its a much needed luxury. i always feel like a new woman when i step out, just like the lady in the joy soap ad must have felt when she walked the streets and the people stopped and stared. i'm not saying people stop and stare,but gosh, she must have felt so..... its just about that 'Whoa-oa-oa! I feel good, I knew that I would, now....so good, so good..." feeling.

jeans and i....i've got over not about 20pairs of jeans...i always feel so comfty in jeans, i could do with wearing jeans every day of the year. it got worrisome i had to start investing in skirts and dresses. its just so versatile and chicky. especially if you've got the right fit.

inyamus eldorado and i...yeap, i love inyamus eldorado weally weally much. shes such a companion:)


  1. Wow, I feel like I know you with this and so much stuff we share. I love the ocean too and House. But I also get me some Mcdreamy. LOL.

    I love the pics...nice one.

  2. you were defo created for the good life... carry go!
    Yuck @ making arsenal lose to Mumu Utd! LOL

  3. Could there be more...the list seems exhaustive...I would have been surprised if I did not see "Shopping and I"...

    I so want your pearls and the bag...

  4. Great idea.
    Nice how you put up bits and pieces of your life. Just enough for us to get the meaning but not enough for us to know who you are.
    Wii with a gown?
    Thats a first.
    Mac users....
    A sorry bunch :-P

  5. myne..mcdreamy and i used to be such great loves...till house came along:)

    @bagucci...hey, mind how you talk about my team around here. everyones made for the good life, some jut dont realize it yet.
    @rita....my pearl? not my pearl....no no no(i'll be selfish with that one)]
    @joseph...yeah, the benjamins and i. lol
    tobenna...yeah wii with a gown. thats cos its footie i was playing:)
    we mac users arent as pathetic as we seem:)

  6. I totally love river island bags and boots as well…have 3 bags from there and one pair of boots I never wear cos its to painful to walk in…
    I feel crippled after a night out in them…but totally beautiful and real leather…
    Love buffets too…hehehhe…big eater me…don’t know how on earth am gonna loose this weight..
    As for praise in yoruba, annoys me so much that I don’t understand a word of what they are saying…but the beats and mood it puts you in is the bomb…hehehe

    Nice pics, you are really doing a good job with that camera…hmmm maybe you will do my children's birthdays…when the children come of course!

  7. You call these 'few'of your favourite things?
    Very nice list, felt like i was on a journey with you...oh and that bed so looks like 'ours'.
    House! Love him, that guy gives sarcasm a new definition! How're you doing dear?

  8. food freak is you, half the stuff you lve is food but i am as guilty! aww i so love photography to, toooo much!

  9. She's got a Wii..
    She's gotten over her obsession with Grey's and is now on a more sensible show called House..
    She owns at least 20 pairs of Jeans.

    You just keep becoming more my fantasy lady..

  10. please, tell me its a joke, I can't get over the 1 million naira bill.

    Now back to important things =) Nice post. Might have to do a similar one...

    How body?

  11. OMG! I miss you man! How are you? I am BACK baby! It was so good to hear from you.

  12. like the post
    like Obj's look
    u live the good life

  13. Okayee, as in this must be your longest post ever.

    Now I am going to get a wii.

    Lol - You are like the 4th girl I know who feels like marrying a yoruba man just because of the praise. I feel you though even I get goose pimples when I praise God in my mother tongue...it's unexplainable.

  14. Hello Great blog about a few of my favorite things.....


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